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New Member, from American living in Sweden

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Sep 14, 2013
    1. submarinepainter
      Hi Jellah! long time no see
    2. tresha
      Have ye been getting my emails?
      I've got to switch computers--I'll be offline for a few whilst doing so---but um...I've got some story stuff for ya if you'd like!
    3. tresha
      I can't believe it's you....:hug:

      I was thinking about you like---literally three hours ago.
      I had plans of emailing you...I have GOT to go lay down before I collapse, but oh GOD how I've missed you...
      New contest starts up November 1st and I'm hearing rumblings from River and her friends...still interested in being my reader?

    4. tresha
      Hey---please don't go anywhere for a few minutes yet?

      Was thinking about you earlier and need a weird ass favor....will send a PM in about 10 minutes?
    5. tresha
      Hey there....We keep missing each other on here.
      I've *got* to go lay down for even a little bit.
      amber's youngest son's birthday party is later today and I've not slept yet.
      I'm glad you got my message.
    6. tresha
      I've gotta go!
      amber and I are still w/out home internet but we've got to get home now.
      Sorry to have to contact you with sad news---but glad to see you here if but briefly.
      Take good care---:blowkiss:
    7. tresha
      Check out my profile page! I gots a picture up!
      Also check out the off-topic section...Martha started a birthday thread for me and posted a freakin' hilarious "bio" of me....
    8. Inferno
      There are times for many reasons that we pull away and get inside ourselves. I think women do that more than men do. It is because we go deeper in a relationship then they do. We tend to find the feeling level of people far more important. If your feelings and emotions were tender it could be that you pulled back.
      I am happy to hear that that area is opening up to you again. Maybe the visit allowed you to get in touch with those inner hurts and heal. That is so good. I am happy for you. It must feel all new and refreshing again. That's special.
      It's exciting that your community leadership has changed. That can be a new growth area as well. So many new and exciting things going on in your life. It sounds great. Crazy early for me is 10am. I need several cups of coffee before i even try and put on a happy face for the world. I am not a morning person. Since i have stopped working it is far worse then it had ever been. My last few years at the University I stated at 10am. My new wake up time. I had cut down t just a couple of classes and lectures a few times a week. Then i did my special projects and some work with a few of the students. I had a fairly easy day the last couple of years.
      I have been sharing more about the community that I belong to here. We just bought a farm in a rural area. A few of the people will live there. We will be opening a school for the kids and the locals in the area that would like to attend. The people up there are getting all that arranged now. It will be a private school with no tuition for anyone. It is part of our socialist experiment. The farm is as well.
      I hope the walk was good and the dog had a good photo shoot. Hugs a lot.
    9. Inferno
      Hey, It is so good to see you. I hope you are well? I am doing well. I have been feeling very good. We are getting ready to head to NY for a little while for our anniversary. Next month. My health is getting stronger so we decided to make the trip. Alice is doing well she has been going to ST Louis on a commute almost daily. She gets home at about 7 in the evening. It's a long day for her. I am smoking no more than 10 cigs a day. The Doctor is okay with that for now. She says as long as I don't go higher she will take that. My best day was 5.

      Stuff is always going on here. Lately posts have been disappearing. Credits have been disappearing. Not sure what is happening to them.

      I hope the walk is good.

      How is your son and hubby? I hope they are well. What kind of new things have you been doing? You have to share what's going on in your life. Has the stress level from PF gone away? I hope it has. How is the beast by the way?

      It is really good to hear from you. I miss you hanging out here. Hugs and lots of them.
    10. Inferno
      I think that men just have a knack for doing silly stuff as is easy to say. I like the testicle allusion. Alice has said this men walk around with their balls in their ears it cuts off the blood flow. Anyway your hubby does sound great. You are lucky. I would put money on it that you deserve it. I would say you are being a bit shy on accepting the fact that you are wonderful and sweet.
      I bet he may not deserve you. Well come to think of you both got what you deserve. You need to get flowers more. Alice and I do the flowers a lot. We have both come home with them at times.
      I am so glad you were able to share that time with your friends family and even Ian's dad and wife. It must have been wonderful. That is so grand.
      Politics is a negative game of attack. It is a hard fought battleground. I have played it in real life so long it is a part of me. I can fight with the best of them as do you. I picture you as somewhat more loving and nurturing than I am. It gets old. It gets very old and there are some real tough ones here now.
      I am going to fight it out. You be with family and do the thing that calls you. We can e mail and continue on as friends. I think you are very special and you need the time.
      I know you will make the extra time count with you hubby and son. You will be more for them.
      Hugs always to you and yours. Make sure you say Happy Birthday to Ian for me. He is a special person in my life now.
      Love always

      P.S. During my hippie days and time with the Panthers they used to call me Dee Dee. I am glad I have grown out of that. Hugs.
    11. Inferno
      Have fun on your walk and enjoy the sugar. Your husband deserves a treat. He is a special guy. Take lovely pictures. Hugs
    12. Inferno
      I think your husband is a wonderful person. Lets start there. If he would do all of that for you it shows a love and power of love that rises about just saying I love you. You have a very special man in your life.

      I am not an emotional person unless it is anger. I have that one down. I do know how emotions can make you weak in the knees and have you weeping like it will never stop. I did that when Fred was murdered. I did that when my dad died. I was so emotional I could not believe it.

      I cry when Alice and I go back to NY for our anniversary every year. It's coming up on 37. Just maybe we will be able to get hitched. I can make her an honest woman after all these years.

      It is so wonderful that you could do that in the school where you could be surprised. How wonderful. My goodness you must have been near in shock. I would have been. Your class of kids now see you as very real and they are better for it. That was a gift to them even though at the moment you may not think so.

      Like I stated earlier our emotions open doors that we never knew were there. You like to post here. That is great. You have been opened to other things in your life by new and fresh feelings. You have found precious things where you had not noticed them before. You may be making the correct choice. You post as you have contact with the outside world. You may need more contact with the inside world. Catawba stopped posting for the same reason. Katie isn't posting. She did it for the same reason. It is a growing. We can e mail. You can get e mails of other here that you may want to keep in touch with. I have a bunch of addys of people that are gone. I seem to have all of these friends. That keep in touch.

      The decision is yours. I am overjoyed that we will be able to still write now and then. It's not often you can convince someones son that it a good thing to steal ice cream and have the mom go along with it. LOL

      That is a memory I will carry with me forever. The rebirth of Fred into my mind and knowing Fred again made someone aware of the reality of life.

      I think whatever choice you make you will use wisdom and be aware of family. It will be the right one for you that is the most important thing.

      Ian is lucky to have an over protective mom. He is lucky to have that in so many ways. The world is not so harsh when you are touched by a splendid mom. He will excel in all he does. That is the life you gave him when you care so much as to be over protective.

      My dad did that for me when he bailed me out of jail so many times. He did it for love. My mom always had something to say. Dad just shuck his head and say wait a few weeks before you do that again.

      All my heart

    13. Inferno
      I will read the messages and respond. I was writing a huge post on socialism. If you are out for the walk have a marvelous time. Hugs
    14. Inferno
      It sounds as if it was a special time.

      Possibly a healing for you of some old emotions that were buried deep down. A final cutting of the cord of what once was and a realization that what you have is what you really really want.

      Sometimes life takes us off on these bittersweet journeys through memory and life. They make us so happy but leave us to linger over things that were.

      I go through many emotions when I visit the grave of my dad. I will share something with you that I have only shared with Alice. When i stand there and look at the stone I wish that there was a heaven where he is experiencing all the joys and good things he brought to my life. It's one of those times and your sharing made me feel like sharing that intimacy with you.

      Tell Ian Happy Birthday from me. He is 18 such an age. It is the age of becoming. I forget who called it that. It is when we put away many of our childhood things and walk fully into the adult world as we are now at the moment in time where we become. Thats what that comes from. I will remember who said that later.

      It must have been nice seeing everyone. I call it old home week when that happens. It's good to see those that we miss. It takes us through ourselves. Such a wonderful time you must have had. I am so happy for you. Beautiful.

      As for your niece. I would neither support it nor just toss it to the wind. If she asks questions I would respond. Let her make the decision. She will find the missing part rather a struggle even as she decides. Moving to another state is one thing moving to another country is altogether different. You just can't drive home for the weekend.

      How are you doing with Ian being 18? sometimes that is a hard age for parents as they see the child become a man.

      The emotions come and go I'm sure. You have those that you love the most in the world right by your side and that is home and love. It is the center of your world. My center is Alice. Where she is so also am I.

      You are just such a special person I would love to hug you and let you have a cry on this old girls shoulder. You mean a lot to to all of those who's lives you touch of this I am certain. Hugs a lot Del
    15. tresha
      You still around?
      I've had some scary ass (*)(*)(*)(*) coming down from the tests....
    16. Inferno
      Hugs sweetie, I have missed you. Guests that must have been fun. Did you have a nice time? Who's birthday was it?

      I am doing well. My health is really very good. I am still at the 10 cigarette a day level but the doctor is not as concerned.
    17. tresha
      tresha's been several days since ya posted....what's going on?

      Who's keeping you from posting?!

      Tap on the door 4 times if you need us to breach security!!!

      We'll SAVE YOU!!!

      I SWEAR IT!!!

      It's amber's birthday...I'm gonna go wake her up in a bit and spend the day with her....
      miss you!
    18. Inferno
      Hugs. C U later.
    19. Inferno
      Rest well dear. Have wonderful dreams.
    20. Inferno
      You have a great mind. After my last post to you I called one of the people that take care of the budget for us. He said he would call insurance companies today to get all the info. I will be able to share that with you later today or tomorrow. He thought is was a great idea as well. If it looks good we will present the proposal to the commuinty at the next gathering.

      What we have talked about is trying to get a community business that will provide a good income so that we can work within the community instead of outside. The doctors and lawyers would still remain outside to work. The teachers could all work within the community. I could teach at a high school level and still offer the grad classes that I can teach. I could even do some entry level college classes as well.

      Our overall goal has been to detach from the soiety at large and use less and less of their services. When the community takes off this would be a good example of utopian socialism at work. The needs of the many filled. It is a joy in the giving that we each gain more life.

      Tresha has so many difficulties and a community such as this would be a great place. It would meet he needs and she could give back to the community in other ways. Her ties to religion would make this community impossible but I am sure there is something out there for her.

      This is actually how a relgious community should work. They don't they keep control over everything in a tight fisted way.

      Yes the Corps own the US 100%. They rob the people to waste the money. There is to much greed in the US that would have to be turned around for this to ever work here. I hear all the time why do I want to work to care for another. It is the selfish capitalist idea that kills us.
    21. Inferno
      That is a good idea with the insurance. It most have been considered at some time but I am not sure. It would be a large savings. The doctors that belong to us do provide services to the community. The lawyers do as well. The insurance is such a great idea i will bring that up at the next gathering.

      I like the farm idea as well. I am not a rural person at all. If I am ten minutes from a city I go into culture shock. I am a product of urban life. They lady that would run the farm grew up on a farm. She knows a lot about that sort of thing. It is good that she is with us. The only thing I know how to plant is my behind in a chair. The idea was to purchase an active farm and hire some of the population in that area to do much of the work. It would make us a farm community. The extra crops could be sold to provide for the farm or just donated to the rual community to entice them to see the larger picture that we are painting.

      We have a couple of people that are interested in politics and are starting to consider a run for office. It would be an uphill battle to get a socialist a win. That would be a real trick in this city.

      There are so many things that can be accomplished in this community with this mix of people that we have a long future in store for us.
    22. Inferno
      That does sound wonderful. I am sure it makes for good prices and great services. We are not all that close to the neighborhood and as Chicago supplies many of the needs like garbage and parks and like that we don't have to contract those services.

      Our is more of the political society within the larger whole of Chicago. We do everything that we can as a group to buy in quantity. The young man I mentioned earlier does the pick up on supplies and sorts them for people to pick up. That is really nice. Alice and i will shop for our on personal needs but items that can be bought in bulk is the community.

      Peopl frown on socialism yet I have always found that it works and works well. The education level is very high so the younger kids get benefit of that. A couple of the teachers have brought up starting a small school for all the children. They would get a first rate education. I have even done some graduate courses for some of the people here so they don't need to go to the university. It is credited by UIC (university of Chicago) I worked that out.

      We have all made an investment in each other and the ideals that we hold. I love it. We rarely jave destent within the community. When there is it is easily cared for. One of the women has a small summer place in Wisconsin and has offered to turn a large section of the land into a garden (farm) if some people would help her. That will be the next project that we set out to accomplish. Then she will can the veggies and we divide them as needed.

      We have talked about buying some rural property and setting up a co op fram for us. That is something that we may do n the future. It would give the children a chance to be farmers for a few weeks each year.

      I have found that if we all just let go of the things we hold so dear we find that things can be so much the better for the many. That is what it is all about.

      The social mix is diverse. We have people of all types and backgrounds. It is wonderful to see the teens working with the older people. It shows them the meaning of service to the greater good.
    23. Inferno
      It has been a long time in the making. It is hard to find like minded people that are willing to be a part of the bigger whole. We have many good people. There are two doctors and 5 lawyers and 9 professors. Several teachers as well. We don't have a VET. LOL We have all walks of life. our money just goes into the general fund and we care for each others needs. I have some extra medical expenses now so that we are paying for before we put into the group fund. All the utitity bills are paid that way as well from the general monies. It is nice for some of the elderly that would have a difficult time.

      We have limited authority. We do vote as a block. The only rule that we have for everyone is that there is no religion. There is no religious talk at any level. Outside of that it is a perfect little society of love and care. This is the fifth time that Alice and i lived in a community setting like this. The one in NY went south very fast. This one is solid. It will last a long time.
    24. Inferno
      A drooly dog ewwwww. They are still nice to have around. I love the dogs name by the way. It is very cool. I try and stay away from fake sugar as well. I can eat sugar but i must limit it. Katie has very bad diabetes. She checks her sugar about 10 times a day and is always giving herself shots. That seems horrible.

      I don't like the ugliness in the world. I don't tolerate it very well. My living situation is very different then most. We live in a very unique gay lesbian area in Chicago. There is really no gay bashing that goes on here. Most of the police that patrol this area are gays or lesbians as well. That makes for a safe environment.

      I belong to a community as well. It is made up of utopian socialists and we have a lot of events and do many things together. So much of what we do now revolves around this group of people. There are about 150 of us that that live these special brand of freedom. Of course we live in the US and are subject to their laws and taxes but we have our own society. It is very nice. We are actually putting two people through college now. We share food by purchasing in quantity. We all don't have lawn mowers and such we share three that we own. One of the teens a guy drives some of the older people to appointments. For this he gets reant and food. He does other home repairs as well. He will go to college on us as well. We don't really have a government it is a collective dynamic that makes the rules and we share everything in the common good. We don't have any economic problems because our incomes are shared as well. Some of the older people that are living only on social security would have a hard time otherwise.

      In this way we avoid a lot of the ugliness in this world by living in this fashion. It makes our lives like living in Shangri-La in the middle of the city.
    25. tresha
      can you stick around a bit?
      I'm in the office (community center)...gotta run check my snail mail box and stuff, but I might have some good news to PM you! :bounce:
      (did you VOTE for me for PF hottest female poster?)
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