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New Member, from American living in Sweden

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Sep 14, 2013
    1. Inferno
      I gave up ding dongs. My sugar has been high. They have me taking insulin in the morning now. It's not to bad I give myself a shot and it works pretty well. Alice and i have been eating better. We dine out of have food delivered almost everyday still. The restaurants woukd close down if they made us stop doing the ordering.

      Sweden seems to be an ideal place if you want off of perscription meds. I wish they were less free here with the pills. I don't like to see people suffer from illness so i am on the fence over that one. It is so nice that hubby sat up by you all night. He most really care or you are very cute to watch sleep. Maybe your mouth hangs open and you drool so he was having a laugh. Just kidding. That is a special act of kindness to sit up all night. I know Alice did that while I was in the hospital. It makes you feel special and loved.

      It's nice that you can get some over the counter mads shipped in to have on hand. That can really help as most Americans are so used to taking things for illness. Maybe if we didn't run to the doctor over every ache and get pounds of pills the medical expenses here would not be so bad.

      The rape thread. I guess if they whine enough they get their way. It did look like it got heated there were at least 20 posts deleted. I hate to see that happen. It was a good thread and touched a lot of feelings. I am going to think a few hours then make a new one in a different way.
    2. Inferno
      They locked the rape thread.
    3. Inferno
      Ithink what i did in my younger days was self medicate. I did a lot of drugs and drank my fair share. As I aged I got over that and became just a wine drinker. I stull have a glss of wine each day. I stay away from most mind numbing drugs because I enjoy them far to much. The pain I could deal with but I didn't think I could handle my drug useage. I did everything and anything.

      American doctors do write a lot of perscriptions. They like that. It makes the job easy. They get there payday for writing on a sheet of paper. The worst are the shrinks. They start with the pills and go from there.

      I like what you say about Sweden. I would say tat is a fine practice not to write out scripts for any little thing. Do you have over the counter meds there for your little stuffy nose. I to hate having trouble breathing. That has for me become worse since the heart problems have gotten very bad. It's scary for me to not be able to breath. I think it is my heart. I will wake up if it is real bad thinking I am dying.

      Maybe my sturdy has been more of a problem for me. I really have abused my own body in so many ways. Now turning that around is hard. I am eating better. I am smoking about 10 cigarettes a day. I still am wearing the patches. I get by that way. The doctor said that over a few months as my body gets used to less nicotine I will be able to stop completely.

      Alice tells me that it's not the smoking that I need it is the prop in my hands and the feel of smoking. She is to good to me. LOL

      We are both nursemaids to each other. She has gone out of her way to make sure I am doing the things I need to do to get healthy.

      I found out something over this period. It is very difficult to sit myself up with no legs. I have to really work at this. There is no point of leverage. I am like a beached whale at times. It's pretty funny. Alice was laughing at me the other day while I was seing my hands to help me sit up. I called her names. I was just lidding. We did wind up just embracing for a long time. It brought us so close I felt like we were just one skin with to minds. It was a beautiful experience.
    4. Inferno
      Yeah I would stay away from those if I were you. I avoided taking them for my legs all these years. I am taking them not for phantom pains that I have been getting. My legs start to hurt so bad I cry. The problem is I don't have them anymore. I guesss the pain receptors get messed up. They do give you pain pills for that because the pain is valid and very real. It is just not where you think it is.

      They tell me this will pass in time. I sure hope so. Alice thought I was crazy when this started to happen when I had the first leg amputated. Now she knows it is true.

      I take a lot of pills right now. That number will dwindle over the next few months. Right now I take about 40 pills a day. That sucks.
    5. Inferno
      Sound actually lovely. Having free time is a special things that moms are not always accustomed to. Moms are so important to family life. The place goes to hell without them. That's why I was never a mom. The place goes to hell here when I am around. This is a time of bliss for you today. I am sure you miss the company though. Put on some funky music and dance all over the house. You could kick back and relax though that is always a good thing.

      The nurse that comes counted out the pills and that is what I did. I took a pain pill twice. I felt like I was in the clouds all day yesterday. It was like being half high. It made my stomach funny all day. I can't take that stuff like I did when I was young. Maybe I reached my limit for a lifetime during the 60's and 70's.

      I am feeling better this morning though.
    6. Inferno
      They seem to think that I took one of the meds wrong. Like maybe I took a second pain pill. Instead of the antibiotic. That would be like me to suck down the paain pills. LOL

      I hope your day was wonderful.
    7. Inferno
      I am off to bed it has been a not so great day. My meds have been bothering me. You have a great night fighting the idiocy out there. I hope you win. Hugs Del
    8. tresha
    9. Inferno
      Thanks Sweety, i was shocked last not on the Are feminists man haters thread. I was ready to pull out of here completely. Catawba got me to cool down then I went activist. I was so shocked and Gwen was so hurt. I have seen and heard low but this. I was speechless. I hope it doesn't get worse.

      I have so much good in my life that I have been sharing with TM2. I don't see how people can live in this kind of society and think it is so great. I felt unclean as I read things. I felt violated. i have never been raped but felt the shame that must go through a womens mind when she is pointed at as the criminal when she is the victim. brrrrrrrr it is a cold world out there. Sexism here is brutal. Racism is very apparent. Genocide is raised up at time. The military mindset flows like water. What have we as a human race come to. It's sick.
    10. Inferno
    11. Inferno
      You deserved to be walked to the train. Special treatment for a special person. I am glad you are feeling better. hugs
    12. Inferno
      How are you feeling? I hope you are better. I have been thinking about you trying to send good thoughts your way.
    13. Inferno
      We don't eat at fast food places. I will hunt down fries at places like that but nothing more. I am a juck food junkie except at dinner. We have had the habit of eating good at least one meal. I'm not overweight. Alice is slim. We like a varity of foods. Neither if us is a picky eater. We always try new things.

      Three years is not all that long. It would be nice if you could start a nice practice. I'm sure that would be very good. Do you live near or in a big city or are you rural. I remeber the pictures of the home. If it is a larger urbam area then I'm sure business would be good.

      I am glad you have a lot of things you want to do. It's nice to have goals and dreams. Much of what I dreamed of as a young girl feel by the wayside when I became involved in the activist life. I thinkI made a good trade off. It has been good for me.

      I never dreamed of being a teacher. I would not have survived at the level you teach. i would be a suicide victim in a week. I decided very early on to get a EdD and have never been sorry. The university level is where I am comfortable. Once I moved into Grad studies I was on my playing field. It's more like adult ed in that.

      Would he stay in research? I know an MD that was very big in research and now works for the VA in Texas. He was happy to trade off the research.

      Alice had always wanted to be an attorney. When she graduated she worked for a small firm as a trial lawyer. I guess it was about 5 years when she applied to teh ACLU. It was about two years later that she was hired by them. She has never look back.

      I have no idea where my life will take me I am not as old as I sometimes like to feel. I look forward to what is out there for me now.
    14. Inferno
      We dine out all over Chicagoland. There are a few nice Cajun places with great blackbean soup. We go to a crab shack with wonderful crab cakes. We go to the Chicago Chop house that is very good the best steak in town. We go a gay run place called Roscoe's more often they know us there. We have a table they seat us at by the window. It is very nice. Another one we go to alot is called Shuba's. They have a mix and match lind of menu. The night after the surgery Alice had Eli's bring in dinner to the hospital. They have the best cheesecake.

      It would be very nice if you could open your own place, that sounds like it would be fun. Being a professor I was always stuck in a lecture hall, classroom or my office. I used to do the field trips as well. But it was always closed in. Having a business of your own would be enjoyable.

      The greenbean dish sounds good. You made me hungry. I had to get a box of rye caraway crackers. I am eating white cheddar cheese with those.

      When does hubby complete his degree. Not having to provide income would be very good. It would give you the chance to live the dreams. Many people never get that chance.
    15. Inferno
      I've always been better at giving advice than listening to it. Alice and I dine out a lot. We always have, I would like to try cooking. I have a lot of time on my hands now that I am retired and it would be good to have a skill around the house.

      I have developed a cough the doctor said it was normal for someone that smokes as long and as much as I did. He gave me something for that. It tastes really really bad.

      That sounds like a very nice meal. Like a veggie stew.

      This is one of the biggest changes i have ever made. It is for all the corret reasons though so I can get by all the difficult moments.
    16. Inferno
      I knew that someday i would have to change. I have lived in a crazy fashion most of my days. Alice has always tried to wrestle me into changing but it didn't work. She is very happy with the changes that have occured. I am glad you are taking the day off and seeing the Doc. Yes keep drinking the tea. here is me giving you the health talk. LoL.
    17. Inferno
      You should kick your shoes off wrap up in a nice afghan and sip hot green tea. I think that is the best. If you keep running while sick it may get worse and take longer to get over.

      The smoking is going well. They did give me a patch to help me get past it. I have my moments. Alice had kabobs brought in for dinner. It was delicious. I can't believe that there is no pain. It is so wonderful. When I lay down last night and there was just peace I started to cry it was so good.

      Tofu chili Is next on the list. That sounds yummy.
    18. Inferno
      Your cold may not be contagious but your spirit and caring certainly is. I had 6 cigarettes today. Thats all. Alice went to the store and bought three boxes of silken tofu as well. You are having a good effect on us. Hugs. I hope you feel better.
    19. Inferno
      I arrived home from the hospital today. I am feeling well. The Surgery went fine. Things are very good here. I hope you are also doing well.
    20. Inferno
      Jellah, Del asked that I place a message to you, to let you know that the surgery went well. She is resting nicely. Alice
    21. Inferno
      I will see you in a about a five days. Hugs.
    22. Inferno
      I am down to 30 cigarettes a day. Not even whole ones. i take about 10 puffs then I toss it.
    23. tresha
      Just have a minute.
      Utterly worn out.
      Had a urgent doc visit yesterday evening to get two "Bodeane" type things taken care of...been running or napping all day.
      Will have 'net access until Saturday.
      How's you son?
      Back from the States yet?
    24. Inferno
      Have a joyous day. May the sun shine on your every step. Peace and love.
    25. Inferno
      I had thought that this would add to Alices worries over me. It is a tough time for her. I am really trying to be good here so that she can see I am interested in being with her for 66 years.

      Alice is an attorney. You never know what they are thinking. She's an angel. She dotes on her mum. Alice got her into bed and then went out with her brother. I think they are about plans for mum ask we speak. I'm with her all the way Alice is my everything. She is the alpha and omega of my life and all the space that lies in between.
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