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New Member, from Spain

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Jan 21, 2014
    1. Mr_Truth
      WONDERFUL avatar pic!
    2. Validation Boy
      Validation Boy
      Why are u such an idiot?
    3. Zosiasmom
      Like the Emma...anyway, I am a Daniel Quinn fan and I suppose you are right that I am similar to a primitivist. Have you seen Into the Wild? I followed a band for a year and went all hippie road magic and it was the best year of my life.
    4. SkullKrusher
      Kilgram, what you think of Agenda 21? So far, what I have read, it seems like a good movement. It infuriates Glenn Beck,(the neo facist) so I know it must be something positive that benefits the vast majority of people on earth, otherwise Beck would not be having fits.
    5. Zosiasmom
      I was reading your posts. I get so tired of having to explain "what" label I fit in when I don't at all approve of labels. Perhaps I snapped a bit at you and I apologize.
    6. HillBilly
      well , which one of those 3 names you want me to call you ? Hahahaha.

      home for the holidays , no doubt .

      yes , I have bad knees so I don't ski , but snow is the only thing that makes Winter fun .

      I've always loved snow .
    7. HillBilly
      a Finish college lad , eh ? great to meet you , hope you had a good Christmas & looking forward to the New 2012 , just days away now .

      one of the great things about PF is meeting people from all over the World , sharing the price of potatoes & cabbages as well as everyday Life .

      for example , it snowing here in Western North Carolina right now , at the Tenn / NC state line , in what is refered to as the I-40 Corridor . got about an inch , cold though , windy ... what's it like in Finland U today ? Hillbilly
    8. kilgram
      I am really afraid... Looks that the fascism in USA is really strong. And I hope that this forum not be really representative of the reality of USA, because we are doomed, if not.

      But I have fear that in the elections of 2012 some of the republicans of the Strong Core, or better said, fascists in the closet be elected. And if it is, we can be afraid of the cut of the rights of the American citiziens and the belicism and imperialism of that people. The death of the Republic will be close and USA will be the new Empire like the Romans or the Republic-Empire of Star Wars.
    9. peoplevsmedia
      tsssst! - I'm trying to get attention of nitwits here. and the only way to do that is to blame everything on socialism - it's the only language they understand, so bear with me.

      Socialism is bail out banks? WTF!!! No socialist party tolerates that. All socialist parties are against that. Yes. Socialism is against bail out banks. Did you know that?

      All your post is nonsense. What? Internet service providers are socialist? What the (*)(*)(*)(*)? Your ignorance about socialism is the greatest ever.
    10. Chus-Spain
      Patience: most are just self-centered and share with each other their sense of selfishness and fear... so much to learn
    11. kilgram
      I am (*)(*)(*)(*)ing tired of the inhuman fascists of this page. (*)(*)(*)(*), I am really getting tired of the lack of empathy of the people.
    12. daft punk
      daft punk
      cheers for the rep!
    13. Raskolnikov
      That is unfortunately all too true. The more comfortable, 'common sense' answers such as "more police!" "ragscallions!" "hooligans" "lock 'em all up" are the answers that are going to be reached despite the fact that they are hopelessly wrong.
    14. Raskolnikov
    15. Badgewearer
      Thanks for being my friend!
    16. Incorporeal
    17. kilgram
    18. Incorporeal
      I share a lot of your sentiments as you have listed in your last comment. I also find corporations detestable as they are nothing more than a means of maintaining a slave ship of unsuspecting people. That is also why I quit going to church... they are 99.9 % 501c3 churches... in cahoots with the corporate state.

      Never the less, I am a Christian, but I stand against those churches that have sold out to the state. Unfortunately for you and me, society is made up of laws which have been implemented by people who are blinded by the corporate hog slop that is thrown in their face which they recognize as the equivalent of gold. So we have to struggle to stay alive and suffer if we make too many waves that might rock their slave ship.
    19. kilgram
      I am tired of the rightiest people. They don't understand anything. They would like to see a (*)(*)(*)(*)ing corporate state, and if it is authoritarian better. That is the reality behind all their beliefs. And I am tired of their believe that a poor person can become rich. That is impossible 99% of times, maybe you are lucky and you have a great idea that can make you rich, and maybe you will need to "kill" others to obtain that greedy goal.

      I am tired of the lack of human conscience of the right people. They don't have positive values like solidarity, collectivity, empathy... All these values for them aren't important, their values are individuality and greed. That are their values. And the worst, they don't want a true individual freedom, because they support that corporations have the mandate, so the people be enslaved by them.

      Tired of all rightist nonsense.
    20. Chus-Spain
      Are you Spanish? I had that impression. I hardly have time to write, and I make many mistakes with my English and spelling, but I like to have a look around here from time to time.
    21. Raskolnikov
      Hey Kilgram, in the thread "The Death Knells of Neoliberalism" I have been avoiding talking about communism because I want the other posters to accept that Neoliberalism is causing stagnation rather than arguing about communism.
      Also I used to be "The-Irish-Socialist" but I requested a name change, mainly due to the nationalist implications of my name even though I am an internationalist.
    22. Raskolnikov
      Do you like what I did there?
    23. magnum
      Thanks for the re-add!
    24. Dissenter
      Hi Kilgram, Thanks for accepting my request.
    25. webrockk
      You're welcome, Kilgram. I think you are doing very well!
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