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Jan 11, 2023
    1. PrincipleInvestment
      First Rosa Parks ... now navigator2 ... how are we going to put the band back together?
      1. Labouroflove
        I guess it's syndication for a bit. Reruns and bumping old threads to annoy the antifa(ns).
        Sep 26, 2017
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    2. Labouroflove
      Work took over for a bit, you know how it is. Thanks for asking and the kind words as well. It's nice to be wanted LOL.

      I think the new year will allow me more time to post and rant.

    3. daisydotell
      Where have you been hiding? You have been missed.
    4. daisydotell
      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...
    5. Radio Refugee
      Radio Refugee
      I must confess, that line was stolen but too good to live in obscurity.
    6. krnbuffalo
      huh? what? addiction?


    7. flounder
      Hey Labour,,,Thanks,,,you killed me with that comment,,LOL. Your inspirational,,
      Owe you a rep on that as soon as they lift my 24 hour thingy!!!!,,hahahahahahah
    8. Talon
      LOL - I've got a hyper-active thyroid gland. I can't help myself. :)
    9. daisydotell
      Birthday was great. Thank you for asking. Very quiet only telephone calls from family and well know how that goes. Nope no hangover this
    10. Riordan
      What do you mean by smother?
    11. Labouroflove
      Write a book.
      Write a song.
      Create a web site.
      Tell a friend.

      Or to be safe, tell no one.

      If you do have happiness and the end to human suffering at your touch or on your lips the world will smother you.

    12. Riordan
      No... I honestly believe I have discovered the solution to every major social problem man has faced. You may not believe it because there are so many problems -- after all, how can a single man know so much?-- but they are all caused by ONE thing.

      This one thing is obvious to us all, and if I were to point it out, it may protect itself and prevent you from changing in the future. The only way it can be fixed is for it to be accidently discovered through epiphany... and once you do -- you will not be able to sleep for days as your mind races to put everything together.

      If you discover this truth... Your depression will be cured.

      You will feel like that day is the first day you have ever been alive. And on that same day... you will feel the sorrow for the thousands of years of human suffering, your own suffering, and the suffering of those you love; and if you are lucky, you will experience a new emotion that you were not aware existed -- total love for all of human kind. You will then be in my position... wondering how to tell everyone.
    13. Talon
      Great posts in the OBL thread, Labour. It's always a treat to discuss such matters with the thoughtful and well-informed.
    14. daisydotell
      You have a wonderful day and night. Hope we have a forum tomorrow. I have accomplished a lot of things
    15. daisydotell
      Looks like we won't be getting on the forum anytime soon. I think it is spotty at best. More spotty than best.
    16. teamosil
      Sweet. I look forward to your responses :) State vs. federal government is honestly one of the parts of the conservative agenda I haven't put enough thought into, so any insights would be appreciated.
    17. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      Haha - funny! I've tried to rep you several times at least too. That's why I just went ahead and posted that.

      Yeah, either they completely refuse to accept (what I would have thought are) irrefutable facts, or they're so completely stupid and uneducated they just don't know. Personally I think it's a mixture of both and that mixture varies in balance depending on who the poster is... :lol:

      I was just telling my wife about your post because she made the exact same comment earlier today. Great minds, as they say, think alike.

      Also, as my sig line says - the cool thing about the truth is that it doesn't require active participation on the part of the receiver. ;)
    18. WordWaster
      no worries, i didn't really take offense.
    19. Xilaisalt
      500 posts! (well 501, but I missed the 500 mark)


      Your posts are always 100% win.

    20. daisydotell
      Your comment was great....for
    21. The12thMan
      Aggie MOM.
    22. The12thMan
      At my son's med school, there's Honor/Pass/Fail.
    23. Think for myself
      Think for myself
      De nada. Well deserved.
    24. Xilaisalt
      I think it was part of his punishment for that thread... mods must've done it.


    25. OldManOnFire
      Thank you for the 'rep' thought...
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