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    1. LivingNDixie

      I don't know about founding principals of this country. This country is based on freedom, and I don't see how you wouldn't be free under Communism or Socialism. NAZI Germany was a capitalistic economy, but not everyone was free. If you would prefer an American example look how long slavery was legal.

      Hope that helps.
    2. Trinnity
      You wrote....

      "On point 1:
      Changing to communism versus to capitalism or vice versa really isn't in the Constitution. Communism if done well coild really benefit humanity. Look at the societies in Sci Fi like Star Trek. The idea that everyone comtributes and is able to do what they want and not what they need. I am RN, I make lots of money. If I could do anything I wanted I would be a Park Ranger or nature guide. Park Rangers and guides don't make that much money... and I like my life style.

      Point 2:
      People are greedy and our society endorses it. Look how we live.

      Again sorry for the months in getting back to you, hope this helps."

      My reply:
      I think you missed the point of the founding principles of America. We established this country for the sake of freedom and liberty. Capitalism is the natural economic system for those principles.

      I don't think you addressed my second question at all.

      Thanks for getting back to me.
    3. Falena
      Happy Thanksgiving, LND!
    4. Trinnity
      But America was never meant to be a collectivist country.
      Two questions please:

      1) Is it appropriate or fair to fundamentally change it to communism?
      2) There would be (and is) a lot of opposition to that. Do you think that change is feasible?
    5. Trinnity
      Just curious...I saw your signature.

      "Don't call me just a Liberal... But a Far Left Liberal who likes the ideals of Socialism and Communism and that unregulated Capitalism is a parasite to society..."

      If you feel that strongly, why not live in a communist country if you like communism? Perhaps Hong Kong? It's prolly the nicest city in a communist country in the world. This is a friendly inquiry.
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