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New Member, from I live in reality like it or not, right next door

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Dec 19, 2008
    1. tresha
      Hello. Firstly, an apology for this being so late.
      I just realized I never properly thanked you for your public show of support last week, week before (?) when I started the thread about helping my Love get admitted to the hospital.
      It's been a hella whirlwind two weeks since.
      And it's still not over.
      She's doing much better and is home.
      I'm at friends awaiting scheduled knee surgery for tomorrow that had to be delayed a week, because I had to have emergency surgery last week.

      It's say the least.

      Anyway...thanks for the support and a warm and sincere though belated welcome to PF. Hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to ask of me any "find my way around questions" you might have.
      (although for the next couple of days I'll be quite chemically enhanced promises on what the answers I give might be,)
      Have a glorious day.
    2. SagacityLexicon
      Thank you for that, I can see where more would abuse that button than use it positively.

      These boards so far seem the less vindictive (which is what I was looking for) and more open to discuss and debate (which I love to do). I just got fed up with the people where I live being so closed minded that the only place left me was the internet were at least if your life was threatened you were merely a red X away to end the talks. I hope to be here awhile and know it will not all be rosy but then life is not this all the time of this I am well versed in :)
    3. Taomon
      You are welcome. On the top right hand side of every post you will see three icons. A description appears for each one when you mouse over them.

      Anyhow, the one that looks like a justice scale allows you to give the poster rep points. You can add a comment as well. They use to have negative rep points but people were abusing them. Quite frankly, I am glad they took it away.

      Welcome to the board. My name is Sean and I have been here for about a year. You are welcome to speak to me off line by sending me a personal message here or you can email me at
    4. Guy Fawkes
      Guy Fawkes
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    I live in reality like it or not, right next door
    couple of furry 4 legged beast, yeah
    its all miscellaneous, really
    I'm very aware of events around me, but I am more AWARE of the truth


    Christianity might be a good thing if the Christians ever tried it.

    The more I see of the representatives of the people, the more I admire my dogs.

    January 20, 2009
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