“Saudi Makes App to Stop Women from Traveling Without Consent,

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    The new, modern Saudi Arabia. Seventh century misogynistic ideology meets 21st century technology. In addition to this app, Sharia law allows a man to divorce his wife by saying “I divorce you” three times…do you have to text three times? But this is what the feminists of the West say is the great religion of Islam — the most misogynistic faith in the world. Few people in the West realize the real situation of women in Saudi Arabia. This speaks to the power of disinformation and propaganda, and the effects of the brutal enforcement of the blasphemy laws under Islam (do not criticize Islam, under penalty of death). The truth remains hidden. Unfathomable human rights abuses and shocking war crimes remain largely unknown to the masses — not to the millions of victims, but they have been silenced.

    “Saudi Arabia Makes App to Stop Women from Traveling Without Consent,” by Zakaria Oudrhiri, Morocco World News, February 5, 2019:

    Rabat – The Saudi National Information Center has developed a mobile application called “Absher” (Arabic for “Enjoy”) that allows male guardians, usually husbands and fathers, to monitor women’s movements.

    The app, available on iOS and Android, is designed to help guardians with tasks like renewing a driver’s license or paying fines, but also to monitor women and stop them from leaving the country without their consent.

    The app sends a notification when a woman presents her passport at border control. Border police will deny the woman travel if her guardian says so….

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