2,000-year-old stone found with full spelling of Jerusalem the first time

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    The Second Temple-era inscription was discovered during excavations near the International Convention Center in the capital, and reads: 'Hananiah son of Dodalos of Jerusalem'; 'it is likely that he was an artist-potter,' said exhibition curator.
    An exciting find from Jerusalem was presented to the public for the first time last week: a unique stone inscription dating to the Second Temple Period (First Century CE), mentioning Jerusalem in Hebrew letters and using the spelling as we know it today.
    The inscription is now on display to the public at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem as part of a new exhibition presenting unique artifacts from the capital.
    The inscription was found last winter near the International Convention Center, during an excavation directed by the Israel Antiquities Authority's Danit Levy, prior to the construction of a new road. The excavation was undertaken and funded by Moriah – the Jerusalem Development Company and the Jerusalem Development Authority.


    There is no doubt that Jerusalem belongs to the Hebrews forever.
    This is an amazing discovery that proves again and again the connection between Jerusalem and Judaism.
    Unlike Islam, where the name Jerusalem does not even appear once in the Koran.
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    Ironically, it was Muhammed who changed the quiblia, from Jerusalem to Mecca.

    Or at least, that is what is claimed, evidence shows it was changed.
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