5 Los Angeles police officers steal 44 guns, get probation

Discussion in 'Gun Control' started by kazenatsu, Nov 30, 2021.

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    So police in corrupt big cities will steal guns from their own department and sell them.

    How will this fare with gun control policies that would supposedly only allow police to have them?

    This is not unlike what is going on in South Africa:
    South Africa police sell their guns on black market to criminals, corruption rife

    Seems like this scheme may have been approved by top brass and local politicians. Probably where the guns went as well.

    The case raises red flags about the LAPD's oversight of the gun store and its ability to investigate its own officers. It also offers an eye-opening window into the gun culture within the LAPD and the degree to which LAPD officers are allegedly profiting off the sale of firearms - including "off roster" guns that police officers have special access to despite their being declared unsafe for commercial sale in the state.

    Investigators alleged LAPD officers, including several who are still on the job, knowingly purchased stolen weapons from Duenas, bought and sold much larger numbers of firearms in questionable ways, and dangerously stored loaded guns in places accessible to children, according to internal police records.

    Top commanders, meanwhile, have been accused by the captain who initially oversaw the investigation of purposefully impeding the work of her detectives and assisting those in their crosshairs, including by forcing investigators to interview a high-ranking captain whom they suspected of wrongdoing before they were prepared to do so, and by ushering that same captain into his home - armed and in uniform - while investigators with a warrant were searching it, internal LAPD records show.​

    "The facts speak for themselves," wrote Capt. Lillian Carranza, who oversees the LAPD's commercial crimes division, in an April email to other top officials. "There have been several attempts to shut down this investigation."​

    Lots more to the story including 6 unsolved killings.

    How a L.A. gun store theft exploded into an LAPD scandal - Los Angeles Times (latimes.com) November 29, 2021, by Kevin Rector and Richard Winton

    This is another topic, but I believe a part of this is an example of a phenomena I call "Third World-ization", where the US is beginning to more and more resemble the Third World type corruption of Mexico.
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    California's gun roster claims to ban "unsafe" firearms being sold to the public. It has nothing to do with gun safety and only serves to erode second amendment rights. For every new gun added to this list, 3 grandfathered handguns must be removed.

    Gun stores can sell guns not on the roster, but to law enforcement only. The officer can then sell it to a private party.

    The same people that want to defund the police want the police to be the only ones carrying guns!
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    ~ These folks are entrepreneurs starting a new business. Nobody wants to be a cop these days.

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