All the Difference

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    They dressed the table to make peace
    Between the Mid-East and the West
    With their sweet accents Lebanese
    And souls steeped in divine unrest

    With warmth and generosity
    With goodwill, energy and dance -
    With flare and audacity -
    Arab flamboyance, class of France -

    They dressed the table, and I drank
    And then she came, the Love's delight -
    In beauty walked she, and I thanked
    What had created such a sight:

    Beautiful from skin to the bone
    Blonde, tender, delicate and tall
    And I for hours sat by the phone
    Waiting simply to hear her call -

    And love within her, that made her,
    Was stronger than the sting of death:
    The beauty of her soul and form
    Dispelled all darkness, fear and wrath.

    Hello, sweet love! Soar, heart! Take flight!
    More bliss and goodness of all kinds!
    She walks in beauty like the light
    And gives glad tidings to mankind!

    More happy love! In her, divine
    Life's fervent, passionate embrace!
    In her eternity and time
    Mingle together and are blessed!

    Where present touches Evermore -
    And Inspiration makes Man true
    There is the freedom! There heart soars
    And bids mind's manacles adieu -

    And who was cold, then becomes warm
    And light of heaven never parts
    From her delightful, beauteous form
    And from her tender, loving heart.

    But in there they are made to live
    And be fulfillment of the whole!
    Algerian beauty! Warm and free
    And a delightful, loving soul.

    The slings and arrows and the knives
    When turned on end and put to flight
    Become the arrows of life
    That sow in people's hearts delight -

    They kill no more, they bring alive
    The dreams that dwell in human mind
    And through them world with passion rife
    Becomes the lot of humankind.

    Soul does not kindly stop for death:
    It only cares to stop for love
    Not yet to take a narrow path
    Or wide one: but to soar above

    The world with a barbaric scream
    And wake the neighbors underneath:
    Hear, people! Man can feel and dream
    And make here possible the bliss!

    We make dreams real! With our own lives
    We make real visions of the best!
    More beauteous life! More happy love!
    And by this humankind is blessed!

    We make dreams real! And in this is
    Our training for the future times:
    To know how to impart the bliss
    Is to know what is paradise!

    With dreams the soul on life makes claim -
    To make them real within the world
    Is to make live, from day to day,
    The truth that shapes the human soul.

    Algerian beauty! Warm and free -
    With luminosity divine -
    The sky within her and the sea
    Basking in rays of morning sun -

    In soul-deep eyes, in soul-light hair,
    In soulful gentleness and peace
    In dreamy, warm and tender stare -
    In her the present touches Bliss!

    Greetings, sweet love! Soar, heart! Take flight!
    More bliss and passion of all kinds!
    She walks in beauty - and the night
    Through her is filled with truth divine!

    Love me, and let us both eschew
    The iron clutch of circumstance;
    To Be is to make dreams come true -
    And that makes all the difference.

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