Animated Flight Paths of all 4 Planes

Discussion in '9/11' started by plague311, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Flight 11

    Flight 175

    Flight 77

    Flight 93

    They are rather lengthy (since they mirror the actual flights using RADAR). This is not for truthers, since you guys lack the comprehension to understand why RADAR is way more reliable than a 5 minute video. Check them out if you have the time. It will actually show how easy it was to fly these planes into the buildings.

    Here is a link to the blog of the guy who did it all. He posts as cjnewson88 over on the JREF boards. He deserves a lot of credit, a lot of work went into making these videos. Also, truthers (namely 9/11waij) you may go to his blog for all the debunking you could possibly want. I will still annihilate little fellas video, but this is a good place to start for the real truth.

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