Arizona agrees to remove border wall of shipping containers

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    I wonder if any administration lackey could explain the purpose of this lawsuit? Besides the obvious of course.

    Arizona agrees to remove border wall of shipping containers

    Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) will take down a barrier of double-stacked shipping containers along parts of the U.S.-Mexico border after reaching an agreement with the federal government.

    Driving the news: Arizona agreed to halt erecting any more containers along the border and will remove existing containers by Jan. 4, according to a court document filed Wednesday.

    "By January 4, 2023, to the extent feasible and so as not to cause damage to United States’ lands, properties, and natural resources, Arizona will remove all previously installed shipping containers and associated equipment, materials, vehicles," the agreement says.
    The big picture: It comes after a lawsuit filed by the Biden administration last week, which asked a court to order Arizona to stop building the barrier and remove the containers.

    The lawsuit cited operational and environmental concerns as at least partial grounds for ordering Ducey to take down the wall.

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