Baby Boomer Parents And Meaning

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    There are many people who want different things. Some want a big house and a fast car; some want sex and love; some want family; some want comfort. I have had many different good things in my life, but what interests me the most is meaning. I want my life to be a meaningful one. And I have found meaning in God.

    Many of the baby boomer parents have found inscrutable why their children have gone to religion. They were of the opinion that they were perfect parents. The correct answer to that is that it is not about what kind of a parent you are. People want meaning; people will want meaning. And it is completely rightful that they go to religion for such a thing.

    Once again, it is not about what kind of a parent you are. It is about what people seek. People will seek meaning, and they should seek meaning. And such is not found in many of the beliefs of the baby boomers.

    So we have all sorts of nonsense about “winners and losers” or “self-esteem” or “adequacy” or other things of the sort. I refuse to live according to such beliefs. They are cruel. They are abusive. They are wrong. And if you think that this is “reality,” the correct answer is that it is not such thing. You have not created the Sun. You have not created the planet on which you live. You have not created your country. It is ridiculous to think that such things are “reality.” They are no such thing. They are an adaptation. Now an adaptation is certainly real. But it completely wrong to call it reality or see anyone who is not a part of it as not living in reality.

    Are we animals or evolving matter? I have many reasons to say that we are not. I have had many experiences with less than a billionth chance of happening whose only possible explanations are religious ones; and so have many others. Now the academia has taken a dishonest stance on this matter claiming such things as that “extraordinary claims require an extraordinary level of proof.” I see nothing at all extraordinary about something that the bulk of humanity believes in. A far more extraordinary – and far more narcissistic - claim is that the bulk of humanity are fools and lunatics, and that the only people who are not are people who have no religious beliefs.

    So I have found meaning to my life in a number of places. They include contributing to culture and thought; but more importantly they include God. I seek to do what I need for God, and I seek to do what I need to do for civilization. And that is a much fuller perspective than that of the people who think in terms of “winners and losers,” “self-esteem” or “adequacy.”

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