Before you buy Angora, you may want to see this

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    Angora, for those of you who don't know, is rabbit hair that is woven into clothing material. It's very soft and considered an exotic expensive luxury material. Mostly it's a bunch of women buying it for high end fashion.

    However, before you buy Angora, you may want to see this.
    90 percent of the Angora on the world market is produced in China.
    And as you can imagine, these farms in China where the fur is harvested are not exactly humane.

    Here you can see them ripping out the fur from live rabbits while the rabbits scream, obviously in tremendous pain.

    And the conditions that these rabbits are raised are not exactly great either.
    The following video was taken from a Chinese farm that advertised their Angora as being "humane".

    It's too bad. I know there is a family farm in France that humanely harvests Angora, but it is very expensive.

    It is definitely possible to produce humane Angora, but it's going to be hard to do it on a mass production scale while keeping costs low.
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