Black Culture

Discussion in 'History and Culture' started by RoanokeIllinois, Dec 16, 2022.

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    Black Culture.

    Well, I know that I need to be very careful with this subject. However, I believe, that it is something that should be talked about.

    I see a lot of Democrat Politicians and their media, constantly trying to expose the negative aspects of African culture,
    here in America.

    Over in Africa, they do things like not being monogamous. Having Gangbangs once a week. Sodamy.
    Part of that culture, is the reason why so many black children don't grow up with their biological father, and that has leaked over into several other ethnicities.

    To has sex with anything and everything. Diseases don't matter, which hole, doesn't matter, 1 partner doesn't matter, parents sticking together doesn't matter.

    California reminds me of some African tribes, where they simply just take a crap/deficate, any where they please. Just like in California.
    Just like in several tribes, nudists tend to always be liberal. Many women over in Africa walk around with their breasts showing, and downstairs many of them wear very little.

    African Tribes, can have many dances, and many commercials here in America, look like African tribe dances.

    Even Childrens movies, and television shows, and music, is mixed with heavy rap, and hip hop. Many of the same rappers, whom degrade women, and talk about sex, and drugs, are celebrated by Democrat Politicians, and put in charge of Anarchist places, such as what happened in Washington State.

    I'm not sure how, but if Americans are so accepting of African culture, then how can we supposedly be so racist?

    I know that the huge majority of us aren't. But most democrats, and all of their politicians don't care about what the majority of Americans want, or stand for. They simply wish to show the very few bad apples in the minority, so they can divide races here in America.

    African Americans, are slaves still. They're slaves to Democrat Politicians. African Americans owe Democrat Politicians your vote.
    I'm not sure why, from a moral, or logical aspect, but they do expect your blind Allegiance to conform to them.
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    Or YOU be racist!


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    You are absolutely correct. Black Americans and Black culture are two super complex topics [which you did not present with the greatest amount of care].

    I believe I stand with 99.999...% of Americans who are pulling for the Black community to pull themselves out of the horrible hole that both was dug for them and [through the plethora of reasons] has seemingly gotten deeper for the majority of Black Americans. Fortunately, 20% of Black Americans are doing quite well.

    If we can take anything from the last sixty years, creating dependency on political parties and the government does not work. It is only through self-determination and hard work that this thing is going to turn around for the majority. Government schools and government programs have been an abject failure [by any measure]. As well, blaming white Americans [who had nothing to do with any of it] is not going to work, as well. This is making the hole deeper.

    Although there must be some bad actors out there [I've never known any], it is in nobody's interest [except perhaps the Democrat leadership] to have the Black community suffer like it has. Just the opposite, everybody benefits from a highly productive and incredibly creative population adding to what has made this country the world leader in just about everything.

    Except for the violence of contemporary Black street culture, Black people in this country have added a great deal in many cultural fields. Just look at 20th century music alone...Jazz, Blues, and Rock and Roll, all created by or heavily influenced by Black musicians.

    There is a lot of work to be done but it will happen and people will move on. In the meantime, stop blaming and start doing the hard work necessary to move forward. The way to do this is through cooperation and compassion [seeing what actually needs to be done], not through more hatred and racism.

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