BRAKING: Putin tried to Kill his N1 critic Navlany in Germany. A second attack with the deadly

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    BRAKING: Putin tried to Kill his N1 critic Navlany in Germany . Bomb Bomb crime gang Ozero with oil - gas sanctions !! Moscow is the world´s N1 terrorist nest ! ; With cost of “black gold” at 15-23 dollars per barrel, the USSR economy collapsed, and the sovok itself collapsed, and the "golden" horde ("russia") budget can only be fulfilled only with oil price at $ 42.4 and higher

    "That atropine saved his life,” former commander of the British army's Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Regiment, Hamish de Bretton-Gordon told The Times.

    "Nerve agents cause multiple organ failure. The lungs give up first and you die. Used quickly, atropine reverses the effects."

    The Times alleged that Russian security forces may have influenced the doctor who treated Navalny in Omsk — he would later announce that Putin's greatest critic was probably suffering from a metabolic disorder rather than poisoning.

    German security ....the would-be assassins used this opportunity to carry out a second attack with the deadly nerve agent. "This was with a view to him being dead by the time he arrived in Berlin," the newspaper quoted one source as saying.


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