Calling Abusers' Bluff

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by ibshambat, Dec 8, 2018.

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    I have seen a number of situations in which a relationship partner would be running down the other relationship partner. Do you know how to deal with that?

    It's simple. “If I am so bad, then why are you with me?”

    If you really were bad, then your partner would not wait to be without you. However in many such situations not only does the partner not leave, but he does what he can to keep his partner from leaving. Why is that?

    Mainly because he is getting things out of the relationship. His belief that the partner is bad justifies him in exploiting the partner. He gets a lot out of the partner's efforts, but he is not willing to reward the partner for what he is getting from her. What we see here is, basically, theft.

    Once again, if the partner was truly bad, then he would not wait to leave her. But that is not what these people do. Instead they become possessive and controlling, and the partner stands to leave with great difficulty or not at all. That is because, once again, he receives things of value from the relationship, which he is not willing to reciprocate.

    This means that the solution is calling his bluff. “If I am so bad, then why are you with me?” And I certainly hope that this message reaches people who need to hear it, so that more people can stand up to this gamesmanship and demand honesty of their partner.
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    I believe that if I were to lack appreciation and thankfulness for my wife, my family and our friends and neighbours ...... (and frankly even for our dog and cat)......... I would be making a terrible error.

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