Charvaka told everything wrong about God

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    You should collect the Gem from the dustbin also

    People think that whatever is in Sanskrit must be divine. It need not be so. Charvaka, the atheist, wrote his concepts in Sanskrit only. The sage Vidyaranya gave a place to Charvaka also in explaining the six principle systems of philosophy. What is the reason for giving such place of dignity to Charvaka? Charvaka told everything wrong about God. But, he is the only person, who told that the soul is only a generated specific work form of inert energy by the oxidation of food. You should collect the Gem from the dustbin also. You did not reject the Gem since it is in the dust bin. All others thought that self is divine.

    We shall certainly give the highest value to self in the items of the creation since self is the most subtle and valuable item of creation. It does not mean that self is the Creator itself. It is the greatest item in the creation and hence, self is called as Brahman. The word Brahman need not mean God only. It can mean any greatest item in a particular category. The Gita calls the Veda as Brahman since it is greatest among the scriptures. Brahman also means God because God is greater than the greatest item of the world, which is the soul. The reason is that God controls all the selves (Atmeshwaram… Veda). Hence, the word Brahman is not confined to God only. Hence, there is confusion to mean Brahman as God only. Therefore, a different word ‘Parabrahman’ can be fixed to God, which means that God is greater than Brahman because Brahman stands for every greatest item in a category in the creation. By this, Parabrahman means the greater item than any greatest item of each category of the creation.

    Since Atman means self and the self means Brahman, the word Atmajnanam means Brahmajnaanam. Beware that the word Brahman here means only the self and not God.

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