Comparing Paris and Ankara Terror Attacks

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    PKK claimed the attack in Ankara as ISIS did in Paris. My focus is not on why these attacks happened? What was the motivation behind these attacks? However it is what happened afterwards and what it means. There are many different political dimension for these two disasters.

    First of all PKK is a problem for domestic problems of Turkey Republic and it is an insider attack. ISIS from the point of Middle East is much more complex and threatening attack towards EU in the name of France. In other words, for EU, it is an attack not from an outside actors. With the well working judicial system EU has very strict responsibility towards not only French people but all EU citizens. To convince people their place against terrorism they had to show it. In my opinion this is the main reason of Hollande’s friends in Paris walking together. France had an attack coming from an outsider actors and they solved a probable domestic crisis by gathering together. Turkey however had an insider terrorist attack and realized a foreign politics problem. Turkish government’s foreign policies is dependent on its domestic politics. PKK is a problem to solve another domestic problem in Turkey. This is the domestic issue belongs to Turkey and it is very normal in politics not to gather in Ankara walking against an insider attack. All in all, these attacks differ in domestically and internationally. It is an absurd claim to say that Turkey is alone because it is a Muslim majority country by looking at this picture. However it is lonely.

    In conclusion, Turkish government wants to turn this disastrous attacks into a chance to reach its political goals. In order to dodge the bullets, Turkey took the opportunity to use this attack to play innocent to direct the attention from the very reality of dead people in the middle of its capital, by using its own media. For example, papers after the attack in Ankara belittled its importance by putting the attack news in the small corners of the front pages and giving Presidency topic as a main news. Important part of Turkish people is led by media and perception of the people can be played by this small tricks. However social media in spite of troll accounts is much more objective and close to reality. Because of this fact after every attack Facebook and twitter become very slow in speed. To put all these developments in sight, arguing that because Ankara is Turkey and Turkey has majority of Muslim population nobody showed reaction is not fair interpretation of this attack.

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