COVID as cover: Destroying privacy via currency shaming, bogus coin shortages & contact tracing

Discussion in 'Coronavirus Pandemic Discussions' started by Antiduopolist, Jul 17, 2020.

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    Crisis is opportunity, and a great opportunity to pimp pre-existing agendas from criminalizing cash & outmoding coinage to further eroding your medical privacy.

    As coin shortage scams erupt, cash itself is being further targeted for elimination as a last vestige of privacy in financial transactions.

    After all, money - like breathing - is dirty, so why cling to grampa's way of doing business?


    What privacy?

    Like free speech, a grossly outmoded concept clung to by militia and white power types, right?

    And what little medical privacy you still have will be gone shortly as well.

    Why should you merely have to submit to nude images being captured in order to fly when your medical state - if not your history as well - can also be demanded?

    And anyone who thinks these intrusions and eliminations have ANYTHING to do with the ChiFlu, and that there's ANY chance of them being reversed once the ChiFlu hoax has served its purposes?

    They're as obsolete in their thinking as a wooden nickel.

    Welcome to the Newnited States, modeled on China's lack of privacy, and brought to you under cover of China's pandemic.

    Next up: Social Credit.

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