Democrats Have Abandoned Civil Liberties

Discussion in 'Civil Rights' started by Lil Mike, May 15, 2020.

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    No, the article wasn't written by Hannity or Rush, it was written by Matt Taibbi, the leftist editor at Rolling Stone.

    Democrats Have Abandoned Civil Liberties

    Of course the right has been saying the left has been abandoning civil rights for years, but now even some people on the left are noticing it, or at least starting to talk about it.

    And in a related story, the ACLU is suing to get rid of due process.

    ACLU sues Betsy DeVos over new campus sexual assault rules

    The rules championed by DeVos effectively bolster the rights of due process for those accused of sexual assault and harassment, allowing for live hearings and cross-examinations.

    What a weird world.

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