Does President Trump care about us?

Discussion in 'Labor & Employment' started by Chester_Murphy, Aug 8, 2019.

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    I hear lots of folks saying that he doesn't. I think he is more balanced in his economic ideas than anyone who is all for one side or another. I believe that because I know, if the company isn't making money, they can't pay their employees. On the other hand, I was reading that there was a report written by, damned if I can remember his name, some economist that was well trusted, and presented in 1970, that changed the moral attitude of the nations business leaders.

    It said that businesses had a moral obligation to those who invested, rather than those who work for them. Whatever happened because of that report, in fact, businesses have thought less and less of employees and offering benefits. I started out at a place with a pension plan. They closed it and offered 401k. Pensions were an arm of insurance companies who took the payments and made money with them, giving a percentage back to the plan so it was solvent.

    It was a great way to be sure of having income at retirement. It also caused employees to want to get into a company in the early working career and stay. Businesses wanted to invest in employees so they could continue to make a good profit.

    Aren't we to blame as well as this economist and big business? We love our 401ks. We make money with them. It's usually more than a pension plan would give. On the other hand, we are giving businesses the opportunity to care less about employee training, advancement and stability. This in turn brought about, imo, a surge in temporary worker agencies that do most of the hiring for positions and companies that didn't require a great deal of education. Certain employees became expendable.

    It's even come to the place where professionals, who've gone to university and have at least a bachelor's degree are also temporary workers.

    In a capitalist economy or mixed, competition is king. Consumers like competition between businesses because it reduces prices on goods and services we use every day. So, competition between employees is king for businesses. If they can get someone to work for a little less in wages, that spreads among all candidates for jobs. Profits for businesses go up.

    I'm not even sure what my point was, now. I just think these are some issues that we have been facing for decades and have ignored to our own detriment. I think these are helping fuel the dissatisfaction in this nation. Add into that, the need to hire some for their ethnicity rather than their skills and you have a powder keg waiting to blow.

    I think that's why there is so much concern about who is getting the best deal in life. I think this is why we are tearing our nation apart. What's your opinion?
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    I get the impression that Trump cares a little about the people, in terms of the overall economy and what society is like, but not necessarily specific issues in the Labor & Employment category that are typically legislated. However, any "improvement" in the overall economy would also lead to a general improvement of more specific Labor & Employment issues. And I do believe (in a way) that is the best way to do things.

    Trump is from New York, so he's actually more of a moderate (at heart) on many of these issues than many people want to recognize him as being. (Despite all the rhetoric and either love/hate partisan politics)

    Yes, I have pointed this out in threads in the past.
    If the supply relative to demand for labor reaches a favorable balance, then there will be a pressure on wages to go up and working conditions to improve on their own, as employers compete amongst themselves for workers.
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