Elon Should Cut His losses On The Twitter Matter & Pay Break-up Fee!

Discussion in 'Finance' started by JimfromPennsylvania, Oct 17, 2022.

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    Elon Musk should not go through with the Twitter purchase; however, he should pay the one billion dollar break-up fee that was reported in the media if such contractural terms exists. Reason he has to much on his plate with Tesla and Space X especially as GM and Ford and other automakers roll out their EVs, Tesla is going to find its road is not as easy as when it was largely the only game in town . He should take this whole matter as a big lesson learned and try to discipline himself not to get pulled into things so often like with his tweets on the Russia invasion of Ukraine where he is interpreted as interested in helping Putin so foolish Putin is an evil evil man and poses one of the most dangerous threats to our civilization in the current times. Twitter is a quicksand trap; if it is run right it should be a public square that protects speech, free speech even offensive and even good faith erroneous speech but many people cannot take that even Americans who should believe our constitution should enshrine all fundamental or natural rights even that of the right of free speech meaning all speech except that which calls for violence or clear overt extreme discrimination for protected classes. Many people cannot tolerate speech they do not like and in regards to Twitter speech they don't like they will take it out on Elon if he owns Twitter and it will not only involve lawsuits, political pressure and the like but the repercussions will move people not to buy Tesla's. Mr. Musk won't miss paying the break-up fee, he is worth tens of billions of dollars but he will lose a ton of money and relationships if Tesla' detractors win the Tesla wars and the stock price tanks; and even if Tesla survives these wars all the time and energy it will tap from Elon this loss will likely have a negative consequence on Tesla and Space X and odds are it could have a material financial effect on Elon in this regards. Elon should not try to be a "Wonder Boy" on the Twitter purchase but rather try being a "Prudent Man" on the Twitter issue and "cut your losses"!

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