Entertainment Types Who Should Retire.

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    Entertainment People Who Should have the Good Manners to Retire

    Imagine, "we" the people could vote to retire some entertainment types.
    Sort of like the Greek system of "ostracize" except electronically, not by oyster shell ballot.
    Especially those who keep "getting in our face" and doing anything for attention.
    Often those who made their name being child stars or young/perky adults so aged today
    and can't seem to rebrand.

    Nominations are now open.
    Maybe, an Opinion Poll thread will follow, as interests dictate.

    First up
    Guess Who This Is?
    Imagine, waking up to "that" in the morning

    Does this help ID

    Kathy Griffin is hereby nominated to retire, fade away, whatever it takes
    to get her out of Moi's Face.
    Hardly the perky young woman character that made her famous.
    Hard to pull off now regardless of wigs or hair dye, cosmetics, etc.
    Today, so desperate for attention rather than rebrand herself.

    Are there any seconds, or other nominations?

    Moi :oldman:

    No Canada-1.jpg
    Across an immense, unguarded, ethereal border, Canadians, cool and unsympathetic,
    regard our America with envious eyes and slowly and surely draw their plans against us.
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