Fair Trial For Paul Manafort Not A Chance!

Discussion in 'Law & Justice' started by JimfromPennsylvania, Jul 24, 2018.

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    On the Paul Manafort trial the system has gone off the rails the prosecution and the Judge have butchered the principle that every person accused of a crime in America gets a fair trial trial at this juncture the best outcome for this case the outcome that would uphold this precious principle is if the government loses the case! I don't know Paul Manafort and I am not a supporter of Donald Trump just the opposite I believe that Mr. Trump is alarmingly unfit to be President of the United States. Even assuming Paul Manafort has information or could provide testimony that could facilitate the impeachment of Donald Trump as POTUS doesn't justify the system being significantly unfair toward him in bringing and prosecuting him on criminal charges. Because allowing the system to be unfair in this case opens the door for the prosecutors to be unfair toward me, you and/or other Americans in bringing criminal charges and this shouldn't be acceptable to any American! Everyone needs to keep in mind that there is another side to this case besides the media hyped salacious side about a rich guy who made his wealth helping Russian oligarchs, Russian-backed Ukranian leaders and was a key person in President Trump's presidential campaign. Paul Manafort would never have been prosecuted but for his work on the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign which brought a prosecutorial magnifying glass upon his life. Mr. Manafort voluntarily came onto the sinking presidential campaign because of how dire things looked many sharp people thought the 2016 elections were going to be a blowout for the Democrats where the Republicans would take devastating losses in both chambers of Congress because of Donald Trumps huge missteps whether it was him saying a judge had to recuse himself because he was of Mexican heritage or America needs to ban Muslims from coming to America for a time, etc., etc., etc.! Mr. Manafort exhibited outstanding patriotism taking the campaign chairmen job from an intent standpoint of course it would have been better for the American people if the Trump campaign completely sank, the American people should not forget this Patriotic deed done by Paul. That is not to say that If Mr. Manafort clearly committed serious crimes he should not be held accountable but it is a bad development the precedent highlighted here that when Americans step into political life they get really heavy handed additional law enforcement scrutiny because it will discourage good Americans that can help the country from stepping into that life!

    At least two violations have occurred so far in this prosecution. First, the pursuit and granting of immunity for five witnesses for the prosecution. Charging someone with a felony crime is a very serious matter prosecutors shouldn't be bringing charges unless they have the evidence to prove the case it shouldn't be like this situation where the prosecution is short in the evidence department and in order to meet their burden of proof they need the judge to force the testimony of five witnesses this is a bad bad standard being utilized here many extremely unjust prosecutions will occur if this becomes the norm for prosecutors prosecuting people in America. Moreover, this is an absurd and an extreme affront to the principle of fairness for the Judge just to grant a motion only for "use" immunity if he is going to grant immunity it should only be "transactional" immunity any competent legal counsel knows that use immunity is only a fa├žade of protection, once the prosecution discovers the wrongfulness these witnesses did from their forced testimony the government can easily come up with an innocuous means for discovering it, so all these witnesses that only got use immunity got to be scared to death that their testimony will cause them to be ultimately prosecuted themselves so they likely will be bending over backwards in their testimony to not anger the prosecution and thus cause them to face prosecution. This means Mr. Manafort is not going to get a fair shake from these witnesses for these witnesses the truth will be subservient to their overriding concern to save their own necks! The other major violation in the prosecution of this case is the misuse of the principle of obstruction of justice. If Mr. Manafort was trying to get witnesses to lie yes that would be obstruction of justice among other things but to obstruct and impede Mr. Manafort from talking to witnesses is completely unfair especially in this type of case where intentions at the time acts were done will be so critical Mr. Manafort reviewing the facts with witnesses is not obstruction of justice. I'll tell you if I was an appellate judge hearing the appeal of a conviction in this case I would hold the government to the same standards that the government held Mr. Manafort if DOJ lawyers and investigators in preparing witnesses for trial tell witness don't go into this area or that area in their testimony and spin your answers this way or that way the government would be in big, big, big trouble as far as I am concerned!
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    The man had over $15 MILLION he did not declare or pay a dime of taxes on.If Dirty Donald, the orange orangutan, pardons him it's like giving every American tax cheat absolution.

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