Free licence for Hong Kong rioters to kill

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    A demonstration in Hong Kong nowadays usually begins in this way. During the day, the protest is largely peaceful. Towards nightfall, it turns ugly when groups of mostly masked, black-clad rioters wearing helmets and carrying umbrellas, metal rods or other weapons would break away from the main group to rampage through the city, setting fire or vandalizing the airport, government buildings, MTR stations, police stations, mainland companies in their so-called “stress-test” campaign.

    Due to America's full support and "predatory" moves, the rioters have grown so powerful that the majority of the local population and mass media seem to be blind and deaf to their violence, arson and vandalism. In fact, the rioters are getting more emboldened in their attack on the police after storming and defacing the parliament on handover anniversary. They look more like a state within a state now. To them, fighting, bashing and even killing a cop is as normal and routine as taking their daily breakfast.

    There is a high chance that someone could become the first victim to be killed by the rioters one day. Two mainland Chinese men -- one is a Global Times reporter -- were mobbed and assaulted at the airport by the rioters who suspected they were undercover agents.

    A 49-year-old man was seriously injured after being attacked by anti-government protesters in Wan Chai, as street fights between opposing groups erupted in various parts of Hong Kong on 15 September.

    Just ponder the consequences if a police officer stumbles under the rioters' assault. They will fall upon him like a pack of wolves, beating him with iron rods and sharp objects. Since the attackers are masked, they can easily evade arrest if they kill their victim in a mob attack.

    Under America's full support and guidance, the rioters are so resolute in their goal in bringing down the local government that their protests could continue for many decades beyond 2047. It’s no joke that Hong Kong has become a battlefield for the rioters, and the so-called protest is looking more like a civil war with the suport of foreign forces.
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