Free To Fly

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    Thus let us live, my dear, and let us love.
    I know it is without a second care
    That we can look into the heart of life
    And bring alive the beauty that we share.
    To sun - to shine, to earth - to bloom, to us - to kiss.
    We look into the galaxies and know:
    We have been given universal bliss,
    Beneath the stars that shimmer, clouds that glow.
    When I behold the native, simple joy
    Of river running through a summer meadow,
    Of butterfly that floats, of little boy
    That looks enchanted at a grass blade's shadow,
    When in the plasma of the beaming sun
    Hydrogen atoms merge and give out fire;
    When stars quadrillion miles apart can shine as one
    And of their incandescence never tire;
    When days are bright and filled with gentle pain
    And every gentleman looks gently at you,
    When in your beauteous form I see the rain
    And thank the stars beneath which I have met you,
    When you look in my face and say "I love"
    And then your lips give out a painful smile,
    When there are many, many stars above
    And we that love are here for a while,
    When clouds are running over sunlit sky
    And rain that drops from them does water flowers
    I know but only this: I'm free to fly
    Since we, that will to live, do love each other.

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