Hawk Lives Matter

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    A hawk in Martin County Florida was definitely taking no crap from a police officer walking near her nest..

    What the hawk? Photo shows bird attacking Florida deputy
    Martin County Sheriff’s Office shares picture on Facebook

    Talk about a surprise attack.

    A hawk slammed into a deputy in Florida, scratching his face and nearly knocking him over. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office said Monday in a Facebook post that Corporal Andrew Porcelli was performing security checks when a hawk “bounced off the side of his head.”

    All he knew is that the impact nearly knocked him off his feet,” the post stated.

    The sneak attack, which likely happened because the hawk was protecting its nearby nest, was captured by a security camera.

    “Fortunately, security footage captured the feisty feather fighter go in for the dive with a precision T-bone hit to the target. With no warning to dodge the incoming thump, Porcelli sustained a signature hawk scratch to the head. Not to worry though, he will be fine.”


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