Heart And Mind

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    They say that love is blind,
    But my love for you isn't:
    My heart is with my mind,
    My soul is with my reason.

    I know why I love you,
    And it's completely real:
    And unified and true:
    I think it, and I feel it:

    I love you for your heart,
    Your sweetness and compassion,
    I love you since you're smart
    And filled with joy and passion,

    I love you for your warmth
    And excellence and wisdom;
    For lights that through you course
    In every time and season -

    For beauty that you are
    Both outside and inside,
    Because you are a star
    In nature and in mindset -

    I love you for you will
    To help, and for your honor:
    For where you've gone and been
    And came out all the stronger:

    I love you for your grace
    And for your dedication
    To good deeds; your soft face
    And glorious inspiration -

    For your resplendent gifts
    And what you're doing with them -
    And all you are - it is
    Completely true to reason:

    I love you for your light
    And unremitting kindness
    All times of day and night -
    No, my love is not mindless:

    I love you for I see
    The wonder that you're truly
    And from it comes to be
    The passion reasoned fully:

    My heart and mind are clear
    And doubt they both cast out
    And there is nothing here
    That's blind or not thought out:

    I love you with my mind
    And heart and strength and spirit
    No, my love is not blind -
    It's unified: So feel it.

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