Historical Mis-Characterizations?

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    Is it me or do we have the wrong opinion of what cultures were in history?

    For instance, we always tend to think of Europeans as Europeans- a generic block of culture that's roughly the same. Or we tend to think of Africa as a generic block of culture.

    But take Egypt and Rome. Egypt is on the African continent and Rome is on the European continent. However Egypt and Rome probably have far more in common with each other than Rome would Britain or Egypt would Mali. I would actually classify Rome and Egypt as Mediterranean cultures. That does not mean they are the same. There are obvious distinctions, but they share more cultural nodes and history that is distorted by the geo-political labels given to them.

    Not only that...but we tend to think of European culture as being based around western Europe, but history shows that western European culture was shaped more by the Mediterranean cultures- mostly Rome, Carthage, and the Islamic conquerors of the time. Consider that many of the most common names of western Europe- David, John, Michael, Adam...- they are Semetic in nature. The main religion of Europe is Semetic in nature. Europe claims ideological ancestry from the Greeks and the Egyptians. We derive or political templates from the Romans and the Venetians. Today, the dominance of western Europe has realigned perception of the identity of Europe with the northwest, but it's actually a Mediterranean hybrid that leans toward the Med and away from it's historical tradition- a pattern that is witnessed repetitively in many conquered societies.

    (* these are opinions, I don't offer them as scholarly truths. If I seem assertive, it is to assert my own opinion)

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