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Discussion in 'Political Science' started by GoneGoing, Jul 30, 2013.

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    Recently, I watched the movie Network, such a classic to get people thinking, except I really want to be the guy who sits him down in the darkened conference room and spells out the primal forces of nature. Because, I don't know what it's like in your district, but here, the whole "Blood Money" debate lingers something beyond whatever the original mudslinging was about, resonates with pretty much everything that sucks about the one party rule of a stronghold. There's a lot of people who like the Republicans because they're entrepreneur, even though most entrepreneurs are poor, the little guys, they just want to make square business. Whether it's a fortune 500 or a flea market, square is square. People are sick and tired of all the racist BS pouring into the nexus from both the North and the South because over the years the system just gets more and more tyrannical.

    I have to admit, I have no chance in hell of ever winning an election, that if I ever ran for office, well, my campaign slogans would have to be something like, "(*)(*)(*)(*) You." However, that doesn't mean I would refuse to vote for more respectable candidates than myself. That is why I want to know how to run the GOP out on a rail, what are all the tactics available, that is, without breaking, bending, or otherwise circumventing the rules of the road. I don't expect the pros to reveal all their trade secrets, either, but just the rundown, a hypothetical scenario of how it might play out, that is, from the perspective of the common voter in an ideal district.

    So, basically, what are all the things that must happen in order to leash the Republicans into the doghouse of politics, give them a time-out, make them stand in the corner and rethink their behavior? But, also, give them a fair shot at explaining themselves, too. Shudders to think of the soviet nightmare a Democrat monopoly would establish. Does it require a beefy network of investigative journalists to sniff out and bark up a tree? Does it require some haphazard Occupy protest littering up the street? Does it require some inundation of letters and post cards at the statehouse? How many prongs go on the pitchforks, so to speak?

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