hy is it packaged this way?

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    Well, this is, indeed, about a drug; but it is about a totally legal drug.

    I have recently been trying to find generic Fosamax (I think the fancy term is alendronate sodium) in bottles. That is because I simply despise the blister packs that it comes in (at least, what I have been receiving).

    When I could not open the packs, a few days ago, I enlisted the help of my wife, as she has longer fingernails.

    Her fingernails did not work; so we then tried a knife.

    The knife did not work, either. So we tried the scissors.

    Eventually, the scissors did work--but not without a great deal of effort first.

    I am told that it is packaged this way because it is less expensive to the manufacturer, to do so.

    But this begs the question: Why, then, do the manufacturers of other medications not do the same thing?

    I am also wondering: Why does the manufacturer not simply package the medication correctly, and then pass along the additional cost to the consumer? (I would happily pay it!)

    And is there only one manufacturer of this generic drug?

    If there is--and that does truly sound improbable--I would gladly pay up to $100 more, for a 90-day supply (actually, 84 days, as it is a once-a-week medication for me) than I am currently paying. (No, I would not pay $500 or $1,000 more--that is simply too much--but $100 extra, I would pay.)


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