If correlations implied causation

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    I computed correlations for a number of variables: http://www.filedropper.com/correlations

    The first 2 columns are the variables that were compared. The third one is the number of values compared, and the fourth is the correlation between them.

    It seems that: Good food and good books go together. Individuals love meat. Readers are meat eaters.

    Correlations do not always imply causation, but sometimes they do. If some causation is involved in the strong correlations, and you want your country to be rich...

    1. Study.
    2. Eat meat.
    3. Be yourself.

    1. Pray.
    2. Respect social hierarchies.
    3. Encourage income inequality.

    Maybe in reality, people with money get to afford meat. OTOH, education to economic development is often regarded as a causal connection.

    I was more enthusiastic than careful with the data, but I doubt added care will improve accuracy much beyond this point.

    Does anyone want to collaborate on similar projects?

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