In The Room

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    The people were infected,
    With planet playing Doom,
    When soul, by truth protected
    Appeared within the room.

    From center of infection
    Arose the sulfur fumes
    That were the interaction
    Of darkness and the room.

    Some wondered whom to murder,
    Others what to consume.
    That seemed to be the order
    When light came in the room.

    It came like an eruption,
    Volcano sending plumes -
    An uncouth interruption
    To business in the room.

    It came like Holy Fire,
    Dispelling all the gloom -
    Mind, powered with desire,
    Setting alight the room.

    The fire reaching the clouds -
    Like, for the bride, the groom -
    Incinerated doubts
    And darkness in the room.

    Descartes, Hobbes, Aristotle,
    Kant, Philo, Freud and Hume
    Were quite completely totalled
    When light came in the room.

    "What was the consummation?"
    "Well, what did you assume?"
    Momentous conflagration
    When light came in the room.

    However dour the night is,
    The beauty will resume
    When in the midst of darkness
    The sun enters the room.

    And we of soul and matter
    Will bring the world to bloom -
    The cockroaches all scatter
    When light is in the room.

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