International NGO's On Balance Staying In Afghanistan Is Better For Female Afghans!

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    International Aid Organizations with respect to Afghanistan should follow the wisdom principle of choosing "the lesser of two evils" in the maintenance of their operations which many unfortunately and also understandably haven't. The Taliban have implemented a policy that no Afghanistan women can work for International NGOs humanitarian aid groups in Afghanistan; it is a discriminatory and a violation of basic human rights policy and it is indefensible, but the Taliban had the power to do it and they did it. So some International Aid Organizations have suspended or cut back humanitarian aid work in Afghanistan as a protest to this violation of human rights policy and to pressure the Taliban government to reverse the policy. All purely good reasons in and of themselves for the International NGOs to act this way but not optimally prudent! Without these NGOs work in Afghanistan many Afghans including Afghan women and children will be put into a state of starvation without the food these NGOs provide many Afghans will not only starve to death but will be in a weakened state where they will be susceptible to death from the cold climate and from disease especially the climate. Here is the real decisive weight on the moral scale, this deprivation of food aid to Afghans will result in many character short Afghan parents and male children selling daughters and sisters off as wives to other Afghans for money to buy food. Female children as young as thirteen and fourteen years of age will be sold like this bringing upon these sold children a lifetime of a horrible existence some experiencing major physical, mental and emotional harm they never will recover from! CNN had a piece on today about the lack of food in Afghanistan and the snow and extreme cold some parts of the country are experiencing and the desperate situation it is bringing upon many Afghan families; in many of these Afghan families female children are in real danger of being sold off to buy food for the respective family. The greater good and the compelling good is for these International Aid Organizations to stay in Afghanistan being a conduit for distribution of food in the country to stave off starvation and thereby protect a lot of Afghan female children from being used as means of barter for food!

    None of these remarks are meant to negate the wrongful behavior of the Trump and Biden Administrations for their role in the careless withdrawal from Afghanistan the withdrawal process should have taken place over at minimum three to four years. America should have compelled the Afghanistan government to allow the U.S. to fund the Northern Alliance in Northern Afghanization, the collection of militias in Northern Afghanistan that had a track record of success in fighting the Taliban; it should have insisted that the Afghan military commanders and units protecting major Afghanistan cities be rotated to the frontline of the fighting against the Taliban and those that were cowardly or ineffective be fired and replaced with effective personnel; the authority structure and rules and manner of surrendering by Afghan military units should have been put in place with appropriate deterrents for egregious violations; a ten year agreement should have been put in place where America's air force would be available to destroy any significant Afghanistan military base that fell into the hands of the Taliban so as to deny the Taliban the use of American weapons and munitions provided to the Afghanistan Army and arrangements should have been put in place to resettle to the United States all the Afghans that helped the United States in their efforts in Afghanistan over the twenty years of the war that were now in danger of being killed by the Taliban as collaborators and who wished to get out of Afghanistan!

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