Macron blames Russia and Turkey for bolstering anti-French sentiment in Africa

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    If you know anything about me you will know I carry grave concerns for the African continent. I've pretty much said what I needed to say, expressed my concerns and raised my I will conclude with a Gaddafi quote...yes you heard me right Gaddafi, who knew that I would be quoting someone who were Dr Evil to me growing up. This is also not the first quote I used of his...the first was this one...

    The Illuminati's policies in Africa during the cold war were;

    • arm the Africans
    • spread an anti western narrative like colonisation & slavery
    • get rid of the Christians (over 90% of the Tigrayans are Christians)
    • prop up ruthless pro communist dictators

    Ghadafi had this to say about America and the Soviet Union

    That's very insightful, did he know that both highly likely had an Illuminati problem. Besides, Russia would be arrogant to think they are the only country that do not.
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