Major conflicts and their resolutions.

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    There are many wars going on in the world, due to resources and religion and, of course, misunderstandings. the best resolution is not for the countries to win the wars, but for the wars to end.

    When it comes to wars for resources in Africa, the generals get the farmers together, and, due to resource scarcity, offer them grazing lands when they win the wars. if the farmers were not there, there would be no flunkies to fight for them. so, getting top soil from the jungle or some other nurtured areas by ship and rail would see them satisfied, and, they would abandon the wars - who wants to fight?

    In South America, the f.a.r.c. will sell drugs to people to get funds to finance their own agendas. the bes thing to do is to use satellites to use heat sensors to identify where the holes in the foliage are, and, then find the drug plantations. they could do this with normal density sensors too, yes?

    In religious wars, they need to observe that the other people also have a god or belief system that is different to theirs. this is why terrorists want to blow things up in america - it is like telling someone that they are wrong, their way of life is wrong and everything they hold dear is a disgrace. it gets to you, seeing the other side on television the whole time laughing at you and everything you believe in. the culture in the near east wants the same things as anyone else, but, they have a different moral code, or, relay culture from peers and role models. i mean, these batty people like to make something special, like a moral code that is not sought for in the west, and, they will continue to find comfort in little things they make special because they do not have as much as the westerners. this also makes them doubt the moral code of the west, and, seeing as how they are going to mosque, you will find their ideas of the west being; indignant to their flag and people, being lazy and greedy, trying to push Christianity down their throats, and other things that seem to affect some people differently if at all. so, they attack the u.s.a. hoping it will stop. the best way to stop these 'conflicts' is for the near east to halt all reports about America and the west so the people there can live happily and they can outsource there properly, creating jobs and taxation for the region.

    In wars of freedom fighters under god, like boko harem, there needs to be more dialogue. the honor guards will see themselves as anointed by the divine to carry out death and destruction, but, is that what the divine wants? if it is what he wants, then there should be more that understand it that way, and join them, yes? if they were to feel real joy when they are doing it, instead of fear, and causing fear, they will see that they are going against the feelings that the divine instills in them, feeling low and confused, refusing to build bridges instead of burning them. this feels good, how could your feelings lie about what the message is? when will it end, will it end, what is the point of fighting?

    In Syria, the people defy the ruler, the ruler destroys the tax payers. the war must end soon, as there will be more to collect. i am sure Assad is tired of hiding away from the rest of the world, aren't you? think now, if he was to just have a peace deal, people would fall over themselves to have a toilet again and things like that. he can justify himself with the divine at his own pace, i am sure. what is to be gained for him, for his country or will all be lost to this terrible war? I mean, in South Africa we also fire live rounds at protesters, but there is no war nor international outcry. i am sure this happens a lot out there int he world, peers will want to trade with someone that is at peace with his people, and, they will want to trade!

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