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    Thank you!

    With little effort, you can make a great impact.

    Sites you can go to for more information:

    On how to go and stay vegan, if you so desire -

    Details on factory farming specifically -

    To get humanely raised animal products in the U.S. -

    If you are someone who doesn't care about animals, and thinks humans are more important, boycotting factory farming and/or going vegan actually helps people as well.

    1. Factory farming makes people sick in surrounding areas
    2. Factory farm workers have "the most dangerous factory job in America," according to Human Rights Watch. They are poorly paid, poorly treated, and to top it off - they have to see some really gruesome things that causes all sorts of psychological issues from sadism to PTSD. The livestock farming industry will often lure immigrants from their homes with false promises of good jobs, knowing that these undocumented workers will likely not report unsafe conditions for fear of being deported.
    3. Various environmental issues affect people on a mass scale.
    4. Imagine if we used all the grain we currently use to feed livestock, to feed the hungry? Maybe instead of subsidizing grain to feed the livestock in CAFOs, we could use that money to fix more problems here in the U.S. as well. (You may think that you want meat to stay cheap, but you're actually paying for the true cost of meat through your taxes anyway, and paying even more with your health.)
    5. Naturally raised animal products are healthier than factory farmed animal products, and we can't ignore the health benefits of a vegan diet, so by ending factory farming we're helping people in that way too.
    6. Factory farms are running family farmers out of business. Family farmers whose businesses once flourished are now in poverty.
    7. Overuse of antibiotics brings us closer and closer to an epidemic that can't be stopped.

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