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Discussion in 'Conspiracy Theories' started by Foolardi, May 6, 2020.

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    We have now entered the next phase of the Coup d'Etat.
    As more and more indisputable firsthand direct evidence mounts
    as to the Framing of Trump and of course General Flynn the MSM is
    as expected in a tizzy.All their Lies and anti-American talk,stories,
    re-invention of facts and coverage of events is making it crystal clear.
    There mission is simple.By all means,keep up the attacks on Donald Trump.
    Attack his sanity,his lucidity.Make HIM the one responsible for 33 million
    americans being unemplolyed.Make him the one responsible for the
    New meme { a Virus } which is being used to Destroy Life in America as
    we know it.The battle plan is simple as practiced by simpletons { House Democrats,
    Mainstream media haters of America and now the " Experts " }.
    Just Attack,Attack,Attack Trump.As Hitler's Minister of Propaganda
    Joseph Goebbels affirmed :
    " If you tell a LIE big enough and keep repeating it,
    people will eventually come to believe it. " - J. Goebbels

    That's It in a nutshell.Only Not just One Big Fat Lie,but as many
    as it takes.In order to Take Down Trump.And then what.
    Have Democrats show us how to lead.Make America Great ... AGAIN.
    They can't even lead by example in the way they run Melting Pot
    cities.Or their Blue States.They're gonna lead by constant running of
    their Mouths.? That's Cartoon leadership.
    Yes,President Trump likes to run his mouth.But on behalf of We the People.
    Ever notice that.He is the ones taking slings & arrows of outrageous fortune
    for a better America.
    Now as we find out more and more as to the lethality of this
    Meme { Virus } we are also finding out how it can be Manipulated.
    And by Who.And for what end.The Charlatans are showing us their poker
    hand.More and more each day.As we get closer and closer to the
    Coup d'Etat that was mounted by Hillary and Obama.
    Laugh,Cry,Whine,Party-on,but there is
    The Thrill of Victory and
    The Agony of Defeat.
    Know where you stand.Alongside a Joseph Goebbels { Ezekiel Emanuel }
    or a brave patriot { General Flynn }.
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    Goot thingy I had a few grammar errors while projecting this OP.
    Also goot it's been putz in with Conspiracy theories.
    Because it's Actually Far from any Conspiracy.
    It's True Blue reality.Americans know it.The feel it,see it and
    hear it every hour of every day.
    That was the solution from the start.To just Say it's Conspiracy talk.
    Hillary used that to get her exoneration.Obama's Deep State use it
    to this day.However absent it's Principles { Comey,Brennan,Clapper }
    are.Or Samantha Power,Susan Rice,Ben Rhodes.
    Not Little Dr.Ezekiel Emanuel.He's out feverishly making the case
    that was the entire Motive behind manipulating this meme { Virus }.
    To use as an exclusive cudgel and beat Trump over the head with
    every day.Where everything Bad that comes of this Virus is to be
    laid at the feet of our President.Not that it wasn't expected.
    But with such consistency and ease of application ?
    Do these Traitors in out Midst have no shame.Of course not.
    They have salaries.Jobs.Means.
    They're like Satan's little helpers.Gleefully going about their day causing
    pain for those merely seeking a better life.
    Only Now the Americans people have a firm grasp as to what that
    means.It means what we are seeing and feeling.A Pandemic craze.
    As if Satan couldn't be more proud.
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