Muslim Acid Attack in US

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    I keep saying, if you let massive numbers of people into your country, your country will end up more like those other countries where all those people are coming from.

    Acid attacks on women have typically been a Middle Eastern phenomena, but it seems they might also be coming to the US too.

    This woman has been attacked three separate times. In each incident, an unknown man has tried to pour acid on her face.
    Presumably it is the same man.
    She lives in Eugene, Oregon.

    She couldn't get a good look at the man since he was wearing a black hoodie and a face mask. She described him as looking "white". But I think it is more likely the suspect is Middle Eastern with lighter color skin.
    Perhaps he was an old boyfriend, or she rejected his sexual/romantic advances and he couldn't stand it. He must have some reason (however absurd it may seem to us) why he is targeting her.

    The girl herself appears to be Middle Eastern. So it is probable her attacker is some other Middle Eastern young man who encountered her at some point in her past, though she might not even remember.

    Eugene Woman Attacked With Acid For Third Time Since March - KXL, June 29, 2022

    Here's another story, from Long Island, about a woman who was the victim of an acid attack.
    She also appears to have been Middle Eastern.
    Long Island acid attack: Hofstra student severely burned, nearly blinded | PIX11

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