Nationalizing charities.

Discussion in 'Social Security' started by Brett Nortje, Dec 27, 2016.

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    It has never come to pass that the state observes how much money the charities collect and how much they spend, and, on what they spend it on. millions if not billions are pumped into charities each year and there seems to still be gross poverty throughout the third world. i suspect that there is a lot of 'corruption' int he charities, as, i have never heard of them in the news doing good, have you?

    So, it has come to the point where action needs to be taken. nationalizing the charities of the world would bring them to a state of order where funds are distributed equally per capita throughout the world. i am not saying that american charities must not spend on the homeless in america, but, rather the donor shuold be able to pick the country they are donating to, yes?

    It is a common flaw of society, and i call this a flaw, that they do not trust the state authorities with the money they submit for charities. if the state was to set this up properly, there will be money coming in - easy to check? - and money going out, also easy to check. i cannot see the state falling victim of this sort of fraud, as, it will be reported how much is given, and the likes of a president, being able to understand this sort of thing fully, will be able to dictate where money is spent and when.

    ~ As a side not, i think that the presidents of today are not very capable, none of them. this is because the likes of the united nations have educated people running things, while the third world usually has men of the people, not really fit to rule, and, it is easy to pull the wool over their eyes. if the leaders of the third world were merely to just read what is presented before them, then they will be in the know, but, the fear of making a mistake hangs over them, then there is deference, and then there is corruption. i know no leaders need money, so, they would be better off to set up these ventures.

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