Numinous Luminosities

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    numinous luminosities!
    homes of the heart and mind!
    gentleness, generosity,
    genuineness in you hide!

    in Bodhi tree's embodiments
    battle the balms and banes;
    solitude of ensoulment
    twists their insides insane.

    mandibles of mendacity
    manacles of mankind
    vehicles of veracity
    violently divide.

    throats tatter with timidity;
    tenderness told to hide;
    humorless honed humility
    in a hex holds mankind.

    bane of the banal barbarism -
    bludgeoning blindness bland -
    trite trickle-down terrorism -
    chokes hope in churlish hand.

    ambiance of ambivalence -
    embers embroiled in brine -
    malleable malevolence -
    mangles, commands man's mind.

    unbearable forebearances
    tattered with trial and toil!
    with an intense irreverence
    bring bones to a boil!

    coffee cups of cupidity!
    seemingness without seam!
    swing to the side similitude!
    scream the exquisite scream!

    through violent vivaciousness
    shimmering sparkles, shine!
    with soulful solaciousness
    scatter the stain of time -

    into sublime subliminally
    sublimating the soul!
    to the divine definitevely
    delegating control!

    inspired insane intelligence!
    spring into mind and soul!
    glimpse the magnetic galaxies!
    glare into grail of all!

    hopes hobbled with oblivion!
    valiance wound in vain!
    drink delights of delirium!
    daringly dreams attain!

    in an insane intensity -
    inspired and immense -
    attained to endless density -
    spirits, spring into sense!

    dilly-dally in delicacy!
    shatter the habit's curse!
    scatter cerebral celebacy!
    bloom in the blood's rebirth!

    in indigent indignity
    inspire insight inside!
    aim to attain infinity!
    mentor and mend the minds!

    incorporeal realities!
    don't dare to be undone!
    tell of untamed totality!
    with oneness be made one!

    sad tales and true atrocities
    scatter and make untrue!
    luminous numinosities!
    live and let live - through you!

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