Physics of signals travelling and receiving Vs. Quantum mechanics

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    Does the speed of wi-fi get faster or does faster wi-fi mean more data?
    Does speed increase only if more is carried resulting into fewer trips and more information per trip?
    I'm looking at wi-fi, and seeing fast meaning the capacity to carry more.
    It's made up of different networks meaning more populated areas have faster internet?
    Or, there's too much traffic and less populated areas have faster internet?

    Is speed also, by this logic, based on, distance covered by time with data, and, how much quantum entanglement do to make this signal method dated and old?

    IF we have a network based on Quantum Entanglement like China, then it will be secure, and fast, and, might be the push we need for interstellar and temporal transportation of particles if we treat matter like data, and quantify matter.
    Photons today, one day, it could be people.

    To entangle something on a quantum level, is that making the same thing twice and moving them in space and see them both exist in two difference spaces and, it's like two beacons that can't be hacked.

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