Proof that government, church and media are all one and the same cult

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    It would be good to have a common name for this cult, I will never agree to calling them Jews, because they can pose as pretty much anything.simply evil is more appropriate, only we all have some evil inside of us, but nonetheless, humanity is about having a justice system (within ourselves and as a form of government) to fight this evil. so here are the two seperate examples of each statement I made:

    Government and church are the same: evangelicals on television kept and keep talking about a bad leader emerging before the good leader - the reason for this is because a leader is good for humanity, only a leader can restore order, end all the thievery and anarchy going on in the government right now. so they are programming the masses that when the leader (their enemy) comes, they can easier convince that it is a bad leader, then place their own leader - because hardly anyone believes in their "leaders" such as Bush or Obama any more.

    Government and media are the same: On January 24th of 2012, on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, the Ex Federal Reserve bank Chairman Herman Cain, gave a "tea party response" to Obamas state of the union address. My fellow Americans, Ex Fed Herman Cain, may represent the IRS or the fed, but he does not represent the tea party - the only reason this pizza face, and other democrats and republicans like him are chosen by the establishment media, is to discourage people, to turn us against any anti establishment movement that is becoming too popular

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