Putin Shouldn't Decide If The World Gets Ukrainian Grain!

Discussion in 'Russia & Eastern Europe' started by JimfromPennsylvania, Sep 20, 2023.

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    Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the country of Ukraine was expected to have a $40 billion dollar deficit for 2024 because of the war of aggression by Russia. This deficit is very troubling because it impairs Ukraine's ability to be strong to stop Valdimir Putin's territory taking in Ukraine and to be strong to act as a security wall to protect NATO countries east of Ukraine from Putin putting them in his empire. Russia's blockage of Ukraine's grain exports vis-a-vis Ukraine's Black Sea ports will have a major impact on Ukraine's deficit because the agricultural industry is a big part of Ukraine's economy but also what is alarming about the blocking of Ukraine's exports is how it will hurt non-wealthy countries in Africa and the Middle East that depend on Ukraine's exports to feed their people. With natural disasters like the floods in Libya, political instability in Africa like Niger where the military deposed a truly good leader and world-wide inflation lowering the standard of living in low-income countries the family of good nations does not need the hardship of needless hunger and starvation piled on this bad situation! People have floated the idea ever since Russia decided to use food as leverage to steal Ukraine's sovereign territory for countries in the Free World to circumvent Russia's blockade by putting together an armada of naval vessels from the international community to sail into Ukraine's Black Sea Ports load up cargo vessels with Ukrainian grain and sail out to destinations throughout the world that need this grain. The time has come for this idea to be pursued negotiating with Putin has proven unsuccessful and a prudent assessment would conclude that it would continue to be a fruitless effort for Putin is too cunning, wily and frankly evil; leaders of the Free World need to take the initiative and solve this problem by taking their own action as floated by these public commentators.

    People need to remember that you cannot treat this problem like the pirate problem that pops up in the world from time to time where you give the crew of these cargo vessels weapons or put security personnel on the ships with arms that provides them the capability to block the pirates from hijacking the vessel, the Russian Navy is too strong this option would not stop them from sinking these cargo ships at will which if they did would trigger an enormous insurance expense to insure these grain carrying cargo vessels from Ukraine which would act as a de facto shutting down of grain exports of Ukrainian grain. The Free World needs to provide armed Navy vessels to act as security for these export vessels. The plan needs to be scaled down to minimize one of the security ships or the export vessels being sunk by Russian treachery which you can count on from Vladimir Putin. The security blanket can only last for at maximum two months of the year to limit the opportuning for Russia to launch missiles at the operation the cargo vessels would load from the ports of Odesa and Mykolaiv, the security armada would provide a security wall from like only forty to fifty miles off the coast of Ukraine beginning around Odesa through Romania and Bulgaria basically until the export vessels are in safe waters. Because the export window is so short Ukraine would have to use all means to load export vessels, for instance, it would have to use metal cargo vessels loaded with sacks of grain to export the grain it could not rely on its pre-war system of exporting grain from Black Sea ports where it is just pumped into cargo holds.

    This is not so far fetched a plan creating an escort armada to provide safe travel for Ukrainian export vessels referring to the risk of war with Russia. America sort of maintains a similar relationship with Russia in Syria; Russia saved Bashir Assad from losing the civil war in Syria which he deserved to lose and still props up the Assad government also America has a significant number of its troops in northern Syria working with the Kurds and there exists an agreement with the Russian government that Russian pilots don't fly over this territory resulting in American forces there being secure from Russian air attacks and these security protections are rock solid. Yes there is a risk of a World War with Russia over this naval armada plan but sometimes the badness and the evil of an actor is such that the wrong at issue justifies taking action that carries that risk. Even bullies have a human nature if they know they are going to be hurt where it won't be worth it most times they backdown, in any event goodness now calls for the Free World to act and re-open the world commodity market to Ukrainian grain!

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