Putin's rabid political mentality is NOT unique

Discussion in 'Western Europe' started by LafayetteBis, Jun 30, 2019.

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    From the Guardian: The Observer view on liberal values being as vital to the world order as ever - excerpt:

    What is happening on the grid of International Politics is selfless idiocy on the part of megalomaniacs. (I link that word to its definition, because it's of key importance.)

    Putin and Trump readily fit the definition, and on a lesser scale so do Kim Jong-un of North Korea, XI Jinping of China and even a couple of eastern-EU countries (who have perhaps never learned how to manage/respect the democratic plurality of a functional democracy)!

    Maybe Brexit is just a passing folly on the part of Britain's Hard Right. But that hardness is going to do the Conservatives considerable harm when they must take-the-blame for Brexit that produces a reduction of overall GDP. And thus the consequence in GB of higher unemployment rates.

    Boyz-'n-girlz, Britain is not Germany! You (plural) are not hard-workers such as Germany . In fact, your GDP per capita is 15th in the list here, whereas Germany is 7th.

    So somebody - anybody - give me a cogent explanation for that difference ... !

    PS: Were I the political head of Scotland, I'd get out of GB now! Not tomorrow, but now!
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    Would that Scotland could get out now...but to satisfy the recognition we would need from the international community, we have to do it democratically in the right way, according to the UK unwritten constitution, which can be changed on a whim by a majority in a Parliament with a nearly 5 to 1 English vote majority over all other countries in the Union. Otherwise, we would give Westminster the chance to claim illegality or some other excuse to refuse to accept the result. We don't want to create the same situation that currently pertains between Kosovo and Serbia or that between Catalonia and Spain...but we do need to get out before we join the ranks of unthinking tools of megalomaniacs,with Boris as PM and a Tory Government (or a Tory/Brexit coalition with maybe Farage as deputy PM), and before the Scottish Parliament is emasculated or even closed completely.....wouldn't even be surprised if there is a bill for constitutional amendments/a new constitution which would make Scotland the UK equivalent of Catalonia as opposed to a sovereign country in a voluntary and rescindable union...and if any of that happens before we can get out....we are snookered.

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