Race Was Not A Motivation In The Atlanta Police Shooting!

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    The public opinion that wants to essentially label the police in the Rayshard Brooks shooting as the embodiment of evil are not being fair and when the American people lose their fairness they lose a great asset of our people our character! What happen to Mr. Brooks was absolutely one hundred percent wrong it was an unjustified shooting and the Police Officer Garrett Rolfe deserves to be found guilty of this homicide and get at least an eight year prison sentence. But let us as a people stop with the unfair conclusion people are drawing. The police officers involved in the incident did not have any agenda to harm Mr. Brooks there was no racist agenda here in essence the wrongful act by the police officer was that he shot a fleeing person accused of a crime who possessed a taser gun and had fired that taser gun at the officerbut those facts did not justify the officer shooting the fleeing accused.

    The shooting was not a result of the accused being black it was almost certainly in part the result of the officer being angry that the accused took another officer's taser gun and fired that taser at the officer. There is a lot of sadness and wrongfulness about the death of Mr. Brooks but let us not pin all that on the police involved in this incident. Mr. Brooks was a good guy an intelligent guy and unfortunately made a mistake in his life that put him in the criminal justice system prior to this Atlanta incident and this Atlanta incident with the likely DUI conviction would have put Mr. Brooks behind bars again for a significant period of time and tore apart his life where he would have lost his job and affected his relationship with his family. Clearly the criminal justice system and our society has to discern between people on probation and parole discerning between those that are on the path of predatory criminal behavior and those that have committed other types of wrong doing where the latter we as a society don't put them in prison for stretches that cause them to lose their job and turn their life into rubble where they lose their children and their home maybe we just incarcerate those people for a limited number of weekends. In any event, our society's wrongdoing that caused Mr. Brooks to make the desperate and almost certainly doomed to fail effort to escape being arrested should not be pinned on the police! Also, this whole incident cries out that the training of police is dramatically inadequate; it should be a bright line rule to police they don't shoot accused people that have managed to take possession of a police taser gun and it should be a bright line rule that a pair of officers don't seek to make physical contact with a fleeing accused person they have been unable to subdue and arrest prior to the fleeing they follow the accused but wait for a second team of back up officers to arrive before they make physical contact because then they will have significantly more force to pin the accused to the ground and arrest him or her.

    The District Attorney in Atlanta is way out of line charging the other officer, Devin Brosnan, with aggravated assault. The spin mister's in the media claim that Officer Brosnan was standing on the shoulders of Mr. Brooks after Mr. Brooks was shot. The video of the incident often seen in the public shows Officer Brosnan after the shooting when he immediately arrives upon Mr. Brooks placing one foot on Mr. Brooks shoulder while Mr. Brooks was laying on the ground the reasonable interpretation of that act was that he was signaling to Mr. Brooks to continue to lay down don't try to get up; Officer Brosnan was not stomping his foot on Mr. Brooks shoulder there was no indication he was trying to hurt Mr. Brooks, further, Officer Brosnan and the other Officer at that time did not seem to know that Mr. Brooks bullet wounds at the time were extremely serious the video I saw stops shortly after Officer Brosnan gets to Mr. Brooks but apparently once the Officers learn of the seriousness of Mr. Brooks bullet wounds one officer runs to his vehicle to call for an EMT and the other Officer performs CPR on Mr. Brooks. It is outrageous that Officer Brosnan is criminally charged in this case it is an abuse of the criminal justice system it is pandering to public opinion that is fed up with police abuse toward African Americans. If I was Governor of Georgia to stop this abuse of the criminal justice system against Officer Brosnan I would come out and say publicly that if the facts are what appeared in this video where Officer Brosnan took no action to cause bodily harm to Mr. Brooks when he approached him lying in the parking lot if there is a criminal conviction I will immediately upon that conviction grant Officer Brosnan a full pardon; but hopefully, the judge hearing the preliminary hearing if Georgia has such proceedings or the criminal case will toss out the case because the state has not met their burden of proving a crime was committed!

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