Rednecks And Hippies

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    I have known a number of people who are commonly termed “rednecks.” I found that the conversation starter among them is either “with all taxes you're paying don't you feel like you're living in a socialist country” or “if I found my wife in bed with another man, I would shoot them both.”

    I have known a number of women who've lived with such men, and many of them tell horror stories. And of course for a long time I held that constituency in contempt. However my life experiences have taught me respect for these people. They are strong. They are hard-working. They are ethical. And all of these traits are worthy of respect.

    I have also known a number of hippies; and of course rednecks and hippies have for a long time been enemies. However they both appear to have had the same idea. They did not like life in the civilization, so they moved to the country to have free lives. Among these two, the rednecks did a better job. They did a better job of providing for themselves and of defending themselves.

    Among the hippies, some stayed in the country and gave birth to the organic farming industry. Many more moved back to the civilization, where they used their intellect and creativity to create the computer industry and the Wall Street boom. Some among the first group see the second group as having sold out. However I see them as having made a better choice. Once again, they used their intellect and creativity to create something beneficial. And that is a much better choice than remaining potheads while contributing very little of merit to the country.

    In dealing with any population, it is important to see both what they are right about and what they are wrong about. The rednecks are right to work hard and to encourage strength. Where they err is when they support violence against wives and children. There is absolutely no excuse for that. It is possible for people to become tough without having to face directionless violence or abusive behavior. My younger brother was raised without violence, and he is an ethical, hard-working, athletic and all-around admirable young man.

    What is the solution to this? As always, it is about seeing what people are right about and what they are wrong about. Strength and hard work are good values, and they should be kept. But there is much less to recommend domestic violence or abuse of children.

    The country will continue to exist. The question is, in what form? I do not want to see these people eviscerated. But neither do I want to see these people to force wrongful and abusive attitudes on the civilization. Many of these people really do have valuable things to offer. And it is important that they be seen for this and treated with respect that is due what they contribute to the country.

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