Save Our Souls

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    Going underwater
    In neutral waters.
    We can by the year
    To hell with the weather
    And if they will cover
    The radars will howl over
    Our travail.

    Save our souls!
    We rave from suffocation,
    Save our souls,
    Hurry to us!
    Hear us on dry land -
    Our SOS is getting quieter,
    And horror cuts the souls
    Right into half!

    Aortas are tearing,
    But cannot come up!
    There left on the board,
    There right on the board,
    There straight ahead,
    Horned death
    Stands straight in the path!

    We're willingly here -
    This is our world!
    Have we lost our minds, to
    Sail in the minefield?
    No hysterics here
    Into shore we'll steer -
    The captain thus said.

    We sail in the sunrise -
    Order must be kept.
    To die in the sunrise -
    Better in sunlight!
    Our way is not marked
    We've nothing... we've nothing
    But remember us!

    But now we've reached surface,
    But there's no escape!
    Full way to the shipyard,
    The nerves are pulled tightly.
    End to all fears
    To ends and beginnings -
    Instead of torpedos
    We're tearing toward ports!

    By Vladimir Vysotsky
    Translated from Russian by Ilya Shambat
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    Me, am I
    What depths does my being me entail
    Does it matter if I fail
    If I prevail...
    What is a Soul
    Is it me and control
    Something to say when asked
    The section of me so tasked
    Some Godly pieces
    Lost in the Jigsaw of thought
    A concept worthy of naught
    Me, am I the same
    Emotions I mentally tame
    This would be soul...and control I rambling for a reason?
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