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    I'm a recent convert to drinking Scotch. I used to be an Irish Whisky man.

    I've tried some Glenlivets, Laphroaigs and some Dewars (pretty good) and just now Ballantines Finest (terrible- what I poured is going in the sink, the rest is getting hidden for emergencies). I havnt noticed much difference between single malt and blended, I guess my pallate isn't very sophisticated.

    My favorite so far is actually a lower shelf blended: Buchanans Deluxe.

    What I really like is the peat.

    Whats the peatiest scotch thats affordible enough to drink regularly and common enough to be likely available in a smallish, not very cultured, rural town?

    Suggestions for higher shelf stuff welcome, but Im really looking for something that Im not going to feel too much in the wallet over long periods of regular enjoyment.
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